Just hanging around

Just hanging around

OP: “True Blue” Traveler by Kuribayashi Minami
ED: “Beautiful Sky” by Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko, Inoue Marina, Shimoda Asami, Yukana

Episode 1: The Memory of a Summer


Err that ain't right...

Err that ain’t right…

Ichika has a dream, but of an unknown IS who says they are going to kill him. Laura is in Ichika’s bed (again) and presents him with a pamphlet about the End of Summer festival. Excited, he goes around, inviting everyone to go. Charlotte invites Laura to go clothes shopping, with Laura asking Charlotte to picking something much cuter. Later they end up being recruited as a maid (Laura) and butler (Charlotte) for a cafe and thwart a robbery attack. After, they both share a crepe ice cream together.

Meanwhile, someone using an IS suit, breaks into a facility and attacks the guards in order steal another IS machine hidden inside. Houki is excited to be going on a date with Ichika, but soon realises that he has invited everyone else who are angry with him, but is bemused as to why they are angry. Nevertheless, everyone enjoys the end of summer festival.

Someone's in trouble

Someone’s in trouble

A new character is introduce, Sarashiki Tatenashi.


Nice to see a brand new season of IS and of course bringing smiles to all the Charlotte Dunois fans, including me. This episode was a bit slow for me. It speaks more of an extra episode than a mainstream one. Laura’s character has developed a bit more into the cuter side than being stern all the time, which is probably trying to build a bit more fan base; I am all for it. What interested me was, how was Charlotte’s cat costume; the tail, moving? Anyone who has an answer, I’ll like to hear from you. Anyway the maid/butler scene did have a Hayate no Gotoku feel about it, I may be wrong considering I have only watched 4 episodes of it (Maybe the talking tiger put me back…).

Someone is trying to steal a IS machine. Although the robber was using a IS suit or was it a rip-off? I thought that only Houki’s sister Tabane, was the only crazy one who built the machines. Hopefully, we would find out what is going on and with any of luck, the gang can stop the evil plot.