So, BlazBlue: Alter Memory started recently (I say recently because I cannot keep track of anything nowadays), but alas, no Makoto or Tsubaki in main roles.


But I shall bring you all some much-deserved Makoto Nanaya now, in the form of her theme!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift II’s soundtrack introduced some more lyrical versions of character themes, to go with what Continuum Shift’s soundtrack started, using characters’ seiyuu as the singers. And that is how Alexandrite became Alexandrite ~Butterfly Sky~, sung by Tomomi Isomura, Makoto Nanaya’s seiyuu.

I prefer this version, truthfully. Alexandrite always sounded like it needed sung lyrics. And now it does. And I love it.

…I should clarify, Makoto’s easily my favourite character from the game. I hope that’s not blindingly obvious…



To conclude: Bring on Makoto and Tsubaki in major animated roles! I’m ready for it, Alter Memory!