Kamui’s Fist

Key Events

With a ‘passionate’ victory from Kamui, Gouki turns back to his normal self.

Rekka makes her move and captures Mai and Emi. Gouki’s 2 underlings bring out a reversed Nagisa to stop Kamui’s chase. After a bit of playful talking, Kamui is forced into dueling Nagisa. However he is rescued by Ninja Master M, who is now Ninja Master Neo.

Neo convinces Kamui to go after Emi and he’ll duel Nagisa to bring her back to normal. Kamui moves on and Nagisa accepts Neo’s challenge, wanting to show him how strong her ‘love’ is.


Reversed Nagisa is actually quite fun, it’s like as if she’s drunk. And that explains why she never showed up to the Gouki duel. She sure knows how to put on a show though.

Very happy to see Ninja Master ‘Neo’ back, always enjoyed his antics. Also fun to see a broken Gouki. Was a funny episode actually, it’s almost like this and the field trip are short ‘breaks’ and a bit of fun as filler type arcs except it’s rather well disguised as non filler. Or something along those lines. Either way this doesn’t seem ‘serious’ enough to be how the story should continue but involves Kourin and Rekka who does seem like it’s continuing on the reverse arc. I suppose you could say it’s somewhere between filler and story. I’ll leave it at that before I dig myself a deeper hole.

One thing confuses me though, why Rekka ‘strikes’ now. Why the wait? Is it to see if Gouki wins so would save her some trouble? But since that plan failed, she turns to plan B and gets her own hands dirty? Though what does she want with Emi? I can only think of 2 things, one to lure Kamui into a duel, or two, to reverse Emi to help get Aichi or Kamui etc. But she could’ve easily dueled Kamui there, though luring him into her ‘territory’ would be good. And on the second point she could’ve got Gouki to reverse Emi though maybe she doesn’t want a pirate Emi or maybe Gouki’s not strong enough. So yeah, apart from those two plausible motives I don’t get what she wants.

As I said earlier, very happy to see Ninja Master back which makes me ask the question yet again, any chance of Nubatama finally making a reappearance? This would be a perfect time, though I’ve probably already said that a few times now. ‘Neo’ probably uses Murakumo now, so not going to see Nubatama, but you never know, I can always hope. Appeared in the first pack when my interest in Vanguard was highest and they were from Dragon Empire too, I liked the deck’s mechanics and waited to actually build a deck, but that opportunity never came. I’d love it if they give me that chance now though, could be worth the wait.

I’m back, but still busy. Friend’s come round to visit me today, tomorrow I’m going to the MCM expo in London. And then I’m back in college for 3 days then back to work. So as you can tell, it’s still busy, but I’ve started on my blogging back log and here’s the first. Nothing tomorrow apart from a quick SOTW, I believe it’s me. And maybe we’ll even bump into each other at the expo if you are going to the London one tomorrow, Sunday. Didn’t’ go today as I went exploring London instead. Not gonna say anymore on the expo, but if you think you found me, you can always ask. You probably won’t though, but enjoy the expo and we may cross paths.