The Azure Successor

Key Events

Hakumen beats up Ragna pretty badly until Kokonoe, from her control room, comes to the rescue and instructs Ragna to get out of the way. Meanwhile Rachel watches the events unfold as though she’s seen it before. Ragna refuses to leave and activates ‘BlazBlue’ to match evenly against Hakumen.

Elsewhere, Nu comes out of the cauldron and sees Noel. Noel is suddenly ‘possessed’ and through some form of communication the two decide to eliminate each other and fight ensues.

Ragna manages to get to the fight and save Noel. He continues the fight with Nu and she stabs both of them. Rachel comments that this tale is always the same, a tale that goes on for an eternity in a loop.

However as Ragna falls, Noel saves him changing the story. Rachel goes to inform Ragna that Noel is the true successor of the Azure, the ‘Calamity Trigger’. Ragna also comments that Noel looks like ‘Saya’.

Rachel heads into the outer layers of earth’s atmosphere to deal with Takemikazuchi.


Look like we’re sticking with Ragna’s story, I think anyway. This episode didn’t tell us as much as I had hoped, but it does tell us that they were in some sort of time loop, which related to Rachel and Hazama seeing the same story over and over again. Both of them seem to be onlookers from their own dimensions or something as Rachel told Hazama to sit quietly and do nothing. And she herself appear to be sitting idly by too.

But now the events appear to have changed as Ragna is saved by Noel. Assuming Noel’s the person ‘destined’ to change the timeline or something as Rachel mentioned she’s someone special.

There are a lot more mystery going on in this episode with the flashbacks and everyone seeming to know everyone else. But again I would’ve preferred more of an explanation of what was going on. However I do appreciate that revealing bits at a time is totally fine and to some people they may like it, but personally knowing all the characters and very slightly knowing the story, I just want to get to the main storyline quicker so I can link what I know together. So yeah, this is biased from me I admit that. If I ignore my bias then this episode isn’t bad. It created some mystery and more importantly, it stuck with mainly one character, Ragna, instead of diverging to others as much as the first episode. Probably will follow Ragna’s storyline now for the rest of the anime, but that’s fine, he is the main character.

Still loving the game BGM used in the anime and the fighting, as you would hope, was good. More plot than characters should be divulged as we continue, or at least keep a healthier balance. Though that’s not saying the characters are boring, I love each and every one and I think bringing out their unique personalities properly will be of benefit to the anime, but I still think being an anime it should be more about the story than the characters.