Runaway Angel Rekka

Key Events

Kamui and gang arrive in the hall to find Emi and Mai imprisoned. Reiji and Eiji are ‘kidnapped’ away by a 5 people Rekka fan group to duel elsewhere whilst Rekka duels Kamui inside the building.

Reiji and Eiji come back having lost and Kamui loses a bit of morale as Rekka goes on about reversing the entire world.


Don’t know about you, but I saw a lot of time wasting in this episode. Particularly at the very start where I think about 2 minutes went by with really nothing happening. Stalling for something?

Interesting to be trapped in a cage, kinda reminds me of Sword Art Online, the most recent example that came into my head anyway. When Asuna was caged in the second half of the anime that is, though that was a massive cage.

Rekka’s fan group are such a fun bunch, with that hair they could easily become Kamui’s supporters. I’d then call them the Kamui Rangers, they are very colourful after all.

Still wondering why Rekka didn’t Reverse Emi and Mai, would be so much easier to do everything. Well, I’m sure she has her reasons. I’ve said it before that it might be because she doesn’t want Gouki to have his pirate ways with them, but that seems less and less likely. She’s had this much time, surely she could’ve reversed them by now. Though perhaps like the others it’s something to do with still being attached to her comrades, as we’ve seen reverse doesn’t erase emotional attachment, if anything it kinda makes them stronger inadvertently. And luring Aichi could’ve been done again with Emi and Mai reversed so it’s not that.

Anyways, was hilarious to see Rekka talk of world domination with her fan group ideas. Doesn’t sound like it’d be too bad, except everyone would be zombies chanting ‘Rekka’ nonstop. But hey, at least we’d have world peace.

Looks like the main target is Aichi as you would expect. But I’m thinking she won’t get beat Kamui. Meaning that there’s just Kourin left to beat before we can move onto the next part, which again I’m still wondering about. What has Kai been up to? I feel that surely all will be revealed soon.