Key Events

Rekka says she has no friends, which is why she will take over the world. Emi believes it’s reverse that’s turned Rekka this way, so she asks Kamui to turn her back to normal giving him a morale boost.

As the duel goes on, everyone realises that the spell on Rekka hasn’t completely blocked out her human emotions. She still values Mai and Emi as friends which is why they haven’t been reversed yet. Kamui takes this ‘weakness’ and unwillingness to win and defeats her to turn her back.

Gouki and his group turn up to turn Rekka’s fan group back to normal.

Kamui leaves the school and meets Kourin as she arrives at the school gates who states with a determined face that she won’t hesitate anymore.


So emotional attachment trumps all evil. It was an emotional thing after all for Rekka, well that explains that, with that emotional attachment she doesn’t become completely evil, and as spotted she doesn’t actually want to beat Kamui. So the end result is an expected defeat for her and everyone else is returned to normal.

I’m surprised that reverse is so relaxed on the emotional side. You’d think with most evil ‘things’ that posses people they’d eliminate emotional connections as that makes the person easier to control. Or at least erase the ones that may cause trouble. As we’ve seen emotion can be very useful with many of the reversed people so far. But I’d say the risk of failing at an important time due to emotion is too high a risk, best to remove emotion altogether if they can.

Was nice to see some flashback from Ultra Rare’s point of view. Never saw that, all we knew was that Takuto got them into school.

Without much rest we’re straight back into action it seems. Kamui vs Kourin looks to be the next duel. With Aichi still not getting involved properly in this short ‘arc’ I think Kourin will win so Aichi will have to duel.

But the thing that I’m wondering about is Kai coming back. For starters I don’t know if you remember but one of my suggestions for what he was up to was setting up a tournament abroad. So for one thing, I didn’t expect him to return at all. Tournament abroad isn’t out of the question yet though. But if it isn’t that I’m not sure what else he could’ve been up to. Special training? Hardly seems it. ‘Preaching’ to the world about reverse? Perhaps. But their main target is surely Aichi anyway, once he’s out of the way, no one else can get in their way. Not much I can come up with on this one, unless it was nothing and they just wanted Kai out of Japan so we don’t follow what he’s doing and focus on Ultra Rare’s ambush on Aichi’s school. Which I thought was a filler at first, but seems I was wrong. Which I’m actually glad.