I am very behind with the mainstream anime blogs, therefore I do apologise for the lack of blogs, but I have a very good reason. I was playing this game; Pokémon X to be precise. As probably the only one on here that has a 3DS I thought I give you a run down and review the game.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!!!: There is a bug in the game in which saves may become corrupt if saved in the outer-boundary of Lumoise City. It is advised to download the patch that has been released via the eShop to correct this problem. This will also restored any corrupt save as well. 

New Region New Pokémon

Pokémon has finally arrived on the 3DS and with that a vast improved game play. You start off as one of five children selected by the professor Sycamore (The trees never end) to seek out and fill the pokedex as always and with that the choice of three starter Pokémon. The 3 main types are as always, fire, grass and water. Here are the choices:

I decided to break my norm and went for the water-type (over the fire-type, which I’ll explain later). As with the previous games you catch Pokémon and beat gyms to enter the Pokémon league and become champion. However, there is so much more to that.

The 3 starters

The 3 starters: Fennekin, Chespin & Froakie

New Pokémon-type New Evolution

To balance the Pokémon types, a new one was introduce to give fighting, dark and dragon something to think about and poison and steel something to do. It is called Fairy and some previous Pokémon have changed to this type e.g. Snubbull – Normal>Fairy. I have one on my team, in the form of Slyveon, evolved from Eevee. With that there is the gym which specializes in them. The reason for this new type is balance out the overused dragon type and the underused poison type.

There is an additional evolution to a number of Pokémon and some are version-exclusive. This is called Mega Evolution, this only occurs in battle and only when both trainer and Pokémon have the mega ring and the corresponding mega stone. This improves the base stats by 100, giving you the edge in battle. The first Pokémon you get which can do this is the very first starters from the first game. Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur are the selections later in the game after you battle them. I chose Charmander for Charizard.

There is a special event Pokémon: Torchic only available as a download via mystery gift. It comes with a mega stone for its final evolution, but it will only be available until January 2014.

Extra Training

In other games, the way you train your Pokémon was to battle wild or trainers’ Pokémon. The game extends this much further. The super training system allows you to train your Pokémon’s base stats with the help of punch bags. Also they have a little mini game in which you sort of play football with an inflated balloon in the shape of a Pokémon. The points in these games are then awarded to your Pokémon and increase the stats.

Friends forever

Another system is the Pokémon-Amie which increases the bonds between you and your Pokémon. Here you can feed, play and stroke your Pokémon just like Nintendogs. You feed your Pokémon Poke puffs; a sort of cream cake, different Pokémon prefer specific poke puffs but there is no drawback on giving the wrong poke puff. Although this only improves the affection, there is the enjoyment side, in which you play three mini games with your Pokémon. Berry picker; which you match the correct berry with the Pokémon, Head-it (which is my favourite) which you head balls of yarn, tapping the Pokémon on the touch screen makes the Pokémon head the yarn. Finally Tile puzzle, which is a sort of jigsaw puzzle game. The more the Pokémon likes you this way, there is an increase in XP gained as well as the Pokémon providing critical hits and dodging attacks. However, this is a fraction of the friendship counter which is a hidden stat in game; the only way to keep score is talk to a specific person who tells you your relationship with the first Pokémon on your team. This is the stat that determines the evolution of certain Pokémon.


Now Pokémon X you can change your look of character, whether you are female or male. There are shops in some cities called boutiques and they provide a change of clothing for you. There is the expensive Boutique Couture (Most items are in the 6-figure range!!!) which you have to be very stylish to get in (I am…now). You can also visit the salon and get a new hair style and colour.

Instead of the running shoes, we have the roller skates to get around, before you get the bike later in the game. Took me a while to find out, but you control the roller skates via the toggle O pad and walking/running by the + pad.

You now can ride Pokémon in certain places, but only a select few, Mamoswine and Rhydon which get you over tricky terrain, but they can’t avoid Pokémon and end up stepping on them forcing you to battle whoever you trampled on.

Rage against the Machine

In this new game they have altered the TMs again. This really annoyed me as TM23 was previously known to be Iron Tail and before Dragon Rage. However, Iron Tail was a move known to be used by Pikachu like Ash’s in the anime. Since they have done this, there is no way to teach Pikachu this move unless a Pikachu was transferred from a previous game.

Currently, there is no way to transfer Pokémon from the previous games, until the Poke Bank App is launched in December. In extortion they are charging for this service to store your Pokémon online and transfer them to which ever game you want. At $4.99 a year it is not much, but most players of this game haven’t even started puberty yet and don’t have a credit card, begging for the use of the parental one, which for most the answer would be no.

My Team (Subject to Change)

My Team (Subject to Change)

Besides all these problems, it far the best Pokémon game I have ever played to date. The detailing and the use of the 3D effects as well give the game a breath of fresh air. I played someone else’s Pokémon Y and by their game play, he is still a bit of a rookie; with the 600 questions every minute and also equals my money savings after completing the gyms and Pokémon league while I am on the 6th gym. There is far more to talk about so I probably come up with another blog, but after I get back on schedule with the mainstream anime series ones. However, it may take a while as I have a new computer and new to move a few things around to make room (2 computers one monitor). My old computer will be offline as well as my laptop. But I’ll try my best to keep the blackout to a minimum.