Countdown to Despair

Key Events

Kai arrives back at the airport and is picked up by one of Takuto’s underlings.

The student council’s assistant who is with Kourin, leads her and Kamui to a ‘private room’ for the two to duel. This time Kourin doesn’t hesitate to ride her new key card and eventually beats Kamui.

Aichi arrive back at school to see Kamui being reversed. The council’s person with Kourin also greet Aichi and directs their attention to an announcement from Takuto who says the world will be destroyed.

Elsewhere Taishi confronts Kai about what he’s been doing and also hears the announcement.


Just a random thought, the woman who picked Kai up has Elvis like hair… moving along, it looks like that big event, whatever it is, is about to get underway. Still in the dark about the details, but if I was a betting person, I’d still bet on a tournament of some sort that Kai organised abroad. Maybe he’ll say something like, if you want to face me then come to … and that’s the tournament where everyone’s reversed who’re all after Aichi, so he can’t lose once. Either that or Kai’s gonna go on a rampage of reversing everyone and Aichi will chase after him as a final boss thing after getting through everyone.

So, Takuto’s gonna destroy the world, if I’m honest, I thought he’d want to take over it rather than destroy it. But I guess that’s an evil person for you. Always looking for the worst outcome. If Kai’s trip was to reverse the rest of the world, then there’s only Aichi, Ren etc left. Reverse the strongest in each country and everyone else will follow. Still though, the biggest obstacles are left.

A quick comment on Quintet Wall, one thing I need to make clear here, if you don’t already know, is that they are also classified as sentinel. So meaning you can only have 4 of that classification i.e. you can’t have 4 Quintet Wall and 4 of Perfect defense. I wouldn’t want that anyway, too much deck space for defense. but yeah, I think 2 of each is a nice idea. Currently I’d only have 3 perfect defenses in every deck depending on the deck as hand advantage is important. But Quintet Wall doesn’t use hand, so 2 is good. 3 or 4 of Quintet Wall I think would be overkill, 15 or 20 cards out just for defense, it won’t leave you with much left even if you survive. And it’s not as guaranteed as perfect defense as you may draw grade 3s and other sentinels. but again I suppose the main thing to remember is your deck. For example if you run oracles I wouldn’t recommend any or maybe 1 Quintet wall as you’ll run out of cards way too quickly and you draw fast anyway, should always have enough for perfect defense.

Anyways, back with the story, I think we’ll quickly have 1 more joining the rank of reverse with Taishi probably facing off against Kai, and Kai will not lose. Gotta give them some credibility before taking them down. But what’s after that? I think Takuto and others will retreat, or others except Aichi will attempt and fail at turning everyone back leaving Aichi, Ren and others that managed to survive this crisis as the only ones left to challenge Takuto. That’s the direction I see this arc going in.