The Observing Eye

Key Events

To stop Takemikazuchi’s attack on Kagutsuchi, Rachel activates Tsukuyomi’s to shield the city.

Back with Noel and Ragna, Hazama decide to show himself. Ragna recognises Hazama as Terumi accompanied with memories of him taking away Jin and his sister. He lashes out in rage but Rachel appears to stop him as he can’t win. Ragna doesn’t listen and is injured badly from one attack. Hazama backs off whilst Rachel talks about Noel seeing Hazama’s existence. She then brings Ragna and Noel out in the open and leaves them whilst she heads off. Ragna then chases Noel away sensing someone near.

Carl, a bounty hunter, comes out of hiding and attacks Ragna.

Hazama’s back on his ship eating boiled eggs. He contacts Relius to inform him that number 12, Noel, is the Azure’s successor. Relius decides to see Noel for himself and will make his way to Kagutsuchi. Hazama then makes arrangements for Tsubaki to also come along.

Ragna fends off Carl by destroying their surroundings and falling underground. Taokaka and Makoto finds him and takes him to Litchi.

Ragna has a flashback in his dreams where Jin stabs him and chops his arm off. Hazama, who calls himself Yuuki Terumi walk away with Saya and Jin leaving him to die. He then wakes up at Litchi’s clinic wrapped in bandages.

Hazama gives the order to Tsubaki to find and assassinate Neol and Jin.


And more characters hit the scene. The story’s becoming more streamlined now although at one point I still thought it was straying around other people’s storylines. I think the fact that I thought that says that it’s still not as coherent as it should be. I’m still a little confused about everything going on, but the puzzle’s definitely being pieced together albeit very slowly.

Boiled eggs for Hazama, I thought that was a very nice interpretation of his snake like personality. Now I want some boiled eggs too, though I won’t be eating them whole. Gotta love Hazama’s craziness.

As far as I’m aware, the beginning of the episode where Rachel used Tsukuyomi to block Takemikazuchi was the end of Calamity Trigger. Meaning they went through that storyline in 2 episodes. Might explain why everything seemed disjointed. Well now we know that they’re trying to rush through and get to the story of Chronophantasma to promote the game. Which is a shame, wish they didn’t have a specific goal in mind apart from to make a good anime that anyone can enjoy. If they did Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift slowly it could stretch out to more episodes. But I understand they have a limited budget and coincidentally the new game is coming out.

I thought Carl went down very easily, then again he does have the lowest HP in the game. Maybe it’s going to be consistent with the game too in that respect. Speaking about that, I don’t remember Hazama’s Ouroboros doing that much damage in the game and I’m still waiting for a Tiny Lobelia from Rachel. Been waiting this long for Rachel to be animated don’t tell me she won’t make a single attack. Sure acting calm and cool at all times is what I like to see too, but it is a fighting game, can’t leave the anime finished without all characters showing off their moves at least once I think. Also I think it needs a prolonged fight too, so far it’s just been short skirmishes.

If I’m right and this is an ‘advert’ of sorts for Chronophantasma then I’m expecting Continuum Shift’s storyline to be quite short too, meaning we’ll soon be introduced to the new characters from Chronophatasma. That’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Anyways, the story’s getting better. Starting to understand things a bit more with Ragna, Hazama, Jin and possibly Noel’s relationship now. Other things will have to wait to be explained I suppose, like was there a reason for the old ‘story’ to be repeating nonstop? What is the Calamity Trigger? What’s the Black Beast etc. But hey, those questions may keep you watching, if you haven’t been overwhelmed by the anime already.