It’s my turn again, and look – it’s my first ever shoujo anime theme. It’s a historic day indeed.

Well, to me it is…

Lovely☆Complex is a rare thing. It’s an anime/manga that makes it consistently into my top 10 during any given time. There are some series that are “Top 10ers for Life” for me, but they’re very shounen series, like Bleach and FMA. But Love☆Com has a certain atmosphere in-story that makes me enthralled. I’m usually turned off by the romance genre, as it’s full of clichés (here’s looking at you Nisekoi, though it IS a shounen); and I’m usually turned off by shoujo series, as they’re full of emotions and stuff, which I can’t relate to.

But what can I say? This series works for me.

‘Kimi + Boku = LOVE?’ is the first opening to the Love☆Com anime, and is a nice theme for the series. I don’t prefer it to the second opening, ‘Hey! Say!’, but since it’s the first and most likely most-recognisable of all of Love☆Com’s themes. So, listen and enjoy.


Anime Version


Full Version