Chaotic Destroyer

Key Events

Takuto explains that when someone is reversed they are added to Link Joker’s army and their numbers are larger than ever. He then directs everyone’s attention to the black halos above everywhere in the world and tells everyone that they’re actually gates and their size will increase as the number of reversed people increase. Eventually it’ll cover the entire world and smother it in darkness. Also it seems that only vanguard fighters can see this transmission from Takuto.

After hearing that, Taishi challenges Kai to try and bring him back. He’s mastered Kagero and Dragonic Overlord the End, but he can’t beat Kai’s new strength.

Aichi and gang make a tactical retreat from the school and discuss their next step. They’ll target the ‘leader’, Takuto. Taishi comes by and tells them that they’ll have to go through Kai first. And also says it’s Aichi’s and Ren’s fault that Kai got caught up in this.


Well, I’m sure we all had a rough idea of what reverse actually is, but it was nice to get some clarification. Sorta also explains why ‘they’ don’t want to take over but rather destroy. Seems that’s how they do things, see a planet, destroy it, add to their army, move on. Pretty sure I’ve heard it all before, but this time card games are involved.

I’m surprised at how long Kamui hung on for, shows that he has more willpower than the rest perhaps. At that young age it’s not unusual to see a lot of energy. Wonder if it’ll be thoughts about Emi that eventually bring him back. Considering he is one of the stronger fighters I think we’ll probably see him fight again. Keeping on him, I have to say it was very odd to hear him call Aichi ‘Sendou Aichi’.

The part about the episode I liked the most had to be the return of Kai’s old deck. Never thought I’d see those classic cards again, not this far into the series. But was good, I remember when I used a similar deck, excluding The End, in competitions. Was nostalgic seeing Bahr, Berserk dragon, Nehalem etc.

Very nice way to get Aichi down from Taishi playing the blame game. That’ll hurt Aichi really badly. Yes he’s much stronger mentally now, but somehow I don’t think he’s that strong to handle something like this yet. It’s going to be a while before he can pick himself back up after being blamed for Kai’s route to evil. He’s probably going to need a big development somewhere and beat someone ‘big’ which may introduce some new cards for him too, I think he’s due an upgrade soon.

Disappointing that it looks like there’ll be no tournament, It’s just the destruction of the world that everyone has to worry about. At least we hopefully should still be able to see a gathering of fighters, though all to face off against Takuto, rather than each other, so I suppose in a way it’s similar. In a very loose way I’ll admit… but I’ll make do with that thought.