The Pair of White Guns

Key Events

Rachel returns home to some tea and tells Valkenheyn what’s going on. However she can only observe.

Tager is on his way, under Kokonoe’s orders, to take Noel into custody.

Taokaka, Noel and Litchi are with Ragna again where Tao speaks of a healing hotspring for Ragna. Rachel appears and teleports everyone there. She leaves before Noel accidently hits the drain button and everyone’s sucked away and thrown out of the hotspring.

Noel and Ragna wind up together and due to a dangerous situation Noel has to call out Bolverk. However Ragna sees that she has the same face as Saya and an Archenemy. He suspects her of being a Prime Field so forces her to stay away.

Flashback of when Ragna was nearly killed that night with Saya, Jin and Terumi. Rachel came afterwards and saved him by giving him the Azure Grimoire which took the form of Ragna’s missing right arm.

On his own again, Ragna comes across Platinum the Trinity (Sena/Luna/Platinum) begging for food and decides to ‘treat’ her to a meal. Platinum warns Ragna not to face Terumi. She leaves after eating. Tager arrives at Ragna’s location. Kokonoe feels the need for a quick skirmish and sends out Lambda.


Well there’s Tager, good to know that my questioning of his existence brought him out. With a very grand entrance as well, literally dropping out of the sky. Now we’ve only got Bang left to appear I believe? Don’t think I’ve forgotten or left anyone out, apart from the extra cast from Chronophantasma that is.

Also some much needed relaxation in this episode, a slowdown of events and included some humour for good measure. Though I have to say I wasn’t a fan of the hotspring scene, needless fanservice in my opinion, but I’m not too bothered. Although story has slowed, I still think they’re using way too many terms and not explaining anything. That I believe is the main cause of confusion.

For example when Ragna started mentioning about Noel being a Prime Field. What would’ve been good would’ve been a quick explanation of Prime field at some point before or after then I can think back and know how it ties in. But so far this anime’s been slow with explanations or have none. However I did say this a few episodes ago, it is getting better and I’m starting to get the picture.

I know Ragna’s flashback now and so understand his resentment towards Terumi. However the reason for that event is unclear, which is fine. Also after many mentions of it, I know that Rachel’s an observer and so doesn’t do anything apart from watch and warn. From this episode I think I’ve only added one thing to what I don’t know, and that is why Kokonoe wants Noel. I can only assume it has something to do with this Prime Field thing, or her being the Calamity Trigger, which I think was the thing that stopped the timeline from looping but not completely sure. Hence why I felt this was a relaxing episode

Moving onto characters, most of which I know a bit about, or at least know why and how they’re here, from the game. But to carry on from my last point, whilst I don’t know why Kokonoe wants Noel, I also don’t know what Kokonoe’s overall goal is. She seems very much a mastermind on a similar level to that of Hazama, looking at things from some high place and giving orders to powerful people and also imprisoning Hakumen. She definitely knows a lot about what’s going on and her role doesn’t seem simple. But at least it seems like she’s on the good side, whatever side that is. She knows and seems to be on good terms with Rachel at least.

Keeping on the characters topic, I find the mass influx of characters in previous episodes irritating, I think I made that clear anyway. However it would actually be fine if we could get some sort of short introduction to them, by whatever means. Unlike this episode where granted only 1 character appeared but we barely know anything about her afterwards. I’m of course talking about Platinum, we have no idea who she is or what she does. She just comes and goes in minutes. Though luckily having 3 different personalities should leave an impression so she’s not forgotten. But yeah, I think they can introduce their characters in a much better fashion.

So yeah, since this episode’s content wasn’t as comprehensive as the previous episode I took the chance to say a few things of how I think the series is going so far. Mainly to do with a huge lack of information on everything, however it does look like it’s coming together. I’m hoping this episode’s slow down isn’t a standalone event and it continues like this for at least another episode and maybe give us some explanations here and there. Just for us who have never touched the storyline on the games.

Whilst I criticise it, I do still like it, although this like is a much more biased form as I’ve been a long term fan of the video game series.