False World

Key Events

Lambda faces Ragna in a short battle before suddenly stopping her attacks. Kokonoe fears that she may still have memories from Nu and orders Tager to get her out of there. Tager also retreats.

On the search for Ragna, Jin meets Bang who attacks seeking vengeance. However Bang notices that Jin is injured and so brings him to Litchi to be treated.

After recovering a bit, Bang shows Jin around the town. Everyone is from a country called Ikaruga which the NOL destroyed in the past. Bang wants vengeance, but he doesn’t want anyone else to be consumed with hatred and so always puts on a brave face in front of the children.

They stop by a teahouse and Bang leaves Jin to look around more. However Tsubaki appears. She uses Izayoi but although she doesn’t want to kill Jin, Hazama’s voice calls out that the order is absolute and she goes into a trance like state and stabs Jin. But the Takama-Ga-Hara couldn’t allow Jin to die and so interferes and reverses the event so that Jin leaves with Bang rather than staying alone.

Later that night Bang warns Jin about a NOL agent looking for him and so Jin makes his escape in the dark as he can’t draw Yukianesa for some reason so unable to fight. Elsewhere, Tsubaki meets Noel.


And finally Bang appears. This episode was much better in terms of introducing a character and explaining how they’re involved. I’m of course talking about Bang, although it was hard not to do well in those categories as they spent the entire episode on it. And with just this one episode everything about Bang is clear to me. A warrior of a lost country destroyed by the NOL seeking vengeance but want to rebuild his country and look after his people. I never felt anything towards Bang before this, but now I respect the guy. He knows his personal desire for vengeance is wrong but can’t escape it, however he doesn’t pass it on to the next generation. He’s also an honourable fighter.

The new rebuilt town is actually quite nice. A lovely view all the time. And I wonder if Jin’s as arrogant and ungrateful like this all the time. Though I suppose I haven’t seen him smile ‘properly’ once, it’s always been a maniacal one.

Now I’m starting to  wonder more about the Takama-Ga-Hara. Who are they? I know I’ve had the explanation, and I’ll be honest I can only roughly remember it. Something about being created by man to guide the timeline on to a ‘suitable’ result? Can they just reverse time and change events? Edit the story just like that, where they feel like? I didn’t think man had this kind of power, but apparently they made them. So man created something to rival Gods, but what is this right path they should be going down? Why shouldn’t Jin die? Wasn’t it the Takama-Ga-Hara who let Hazama ‘loose’ anyway, isn’t his actions in their control? Or have they lost control already like what Rachel was warning them about. I dunno, it raises many questions and adds another layer of ‘what the hell is going on’. Although I have to say I didn’t expect Jin to die either way seeing as it was a little anticlimactic, it kinda ‘just happened’.

But even so, that was but a small part of the episode and this episode is still one of the easier to understand ones. And now that I have understood what bang’s there for he’s not my least known character, Arakune takes that spot, which reminds me he still needs to make an appearance. Next episode perhaps?