Recapture Miyaji Academy

Key events

Not wanting to sit back and do nothing, Komoi and Ishida make their way to Miyaji to attempt to take it back.

They are greeted by the student council secretary Maki Nagashiro, who was ordered by Takuto to keep an eye on Aichi and the school. They are then surrounded by reversed students but take them all out. However Ishida finds himself alone as Komoi was reversed by Maki.

Whilst looking for Komoi, Ishida bumps into the two student council members hiding away in a box. They follow Ishida but then come across the reversed Komoi.

Ishida is determined to turn him back to normal and so a duel starts.

Having been cornered for the majority of the duel and on the verge of falling into despair, the inspirational words from the real Komoi’s ‘spirit’ keeps him in the game.


Was it such a great idea to invade an entire school of fighters knowing that Kourin could very well be there? I don’t think it was. I don’t think Komoi and Ishida ever considered the consequences of what may happen if something went wrong like both of them reversed. That would be bad in more ways than one, it would lower the already low morale in Aichi’s ‘camp’ which could affect their dueling ability resulting in Aichi losing when facing Ishida for example and consequently the end of the world. Or they could rescue the school, but what would that do? Not much, although I suppose the mystery of the student council member and what she may know could be helpful, but it’s pretty clear what’s happening so I don’t think she can tell you much more… yeah there wasn’t much point in attacking the school. High risk for little reward, if they wanted to risk something they should’ve gone to Takuto and maybe tried to take out the first layer of defence he had or something. Taking back the school was unnecessary in terms of saving the world and the risk involved. However I do see it from their point of view that they had something to prove and to be useful to Aichi. Hmmm, did that turn into a rant? Doesn’t seem to be… so I’d better stop here before it does. Being an accountant you care about risk a lot, needless risk does strike a chord with me.

That box was such an oddly placed thing that I think everyone here knew something was going to pop out of it. I actually completely forgot about that the student council were still around. But I have to say I was glad it was them who popped out of it. I have said that they’re fun, and they definitely made this otherwise probably serious-ish episode hilarious with their antics.

Throughout the duel I was constantly wondering if Ishida was going to win. Was unsure due to the fact that a win or loss would’ve worked fine with the storyline, he’s not a particular main character so losing him isn’t a big loss as most people left can come and un-reverse him. The stronger fighters are still left standing after all. Although of course as I said earlier it would affect Aichi and gang negatively. However I was certain that Ishida would win once he, ironically, started to lose hope before he was defeated and started to sink away in that endless red well of despair. I think anyone would know that the typical cliché inspiration talk from someone was coming up straight after as the sinking into hopeless happened before the duel had finished and there were no real signs of him losing like that. And although the victor wasn’t decided this episode I think it’s pretty much 99.9% certain that he’s the winner.