It’s a great honour for me to be able to write in this blog. I’m Raneem or you can call me Rony-chan, I live in Egypt and I am till studying in college. I’m one of those crazy Otakus who can’t really live without watching anime. I prefer watching action anime like Bleach and Fairy tail, though I also do watch other genre of anime, like romance, comedy, slice of life and sometimes sports anime too. I’m still Kind of new to blogging, but with your support and comments in my posts, I will be encouraged more and be able to improve. For now, I will be blogging about Unbreakable Machine-doll anime.

I like drawing anime and manga characters very much, though I’m not so good in that yet. My dream is to create a manga someday, but I’m still practicing drawing to achieve these dreams. However, if you would like to see any of my drawings feel free to ask me and I will send, though I’m still a beginner.

If you would like to talk to me, ask anything about me or be friends, feel free to send me messages on my email here: