I think this episode was quite exciting to watch. Raishin and Loki are the Best Idiots! I have a lot I want to talk about, but first let’s cover the main points of the episode.


    • Loki appears as an ally
    • Raishin and Loki fight Lucifer together
  • They both got badly injured by Lucifer
  • Bronson mentions that the experiments were for the sake of mankind
  • Yaya and CHERUBIM joined forces and succeeded in defeating Lucifer


Ok, I think there were many surprises in this episode. First, I didn’t thought at the beginning that Loki will really join forces with Raishin to defeat Bronson and Lucifer; as Loki appeared before to be very loyal to his father. Raishin and Loki are still quarrelling, even when they are in the middle of the fight, but that was amusing to watch. I think that they can become good friends despite everything that happened. I also think that Loki actually care for his sister Frey and wanted to do something for her. Loki also didn’t want to see Frey cries, like Raishin didn’t.

After Bronson said that those experiments were for the sake of mankind and its progress, I was pissed too, as surely it is not true and not the right thing to do. “If stealing kids’ families from them is progress, then mankind go to hell” is what Raishin replied to him. I truly agree with that and I liked this moment.

Moreover, I didn’t thought that they will be able to defeat Bronson in one episode. The fight was really intense and they were injured badly in the fight too. However, Raishin, as we all know, is an idiot who doesn’t gives up and always has something under his sleeve. He believed that Yaya will be able to do it in that last attack. However, without Loki’s help, I don’t think he would have succeeded. So watching both of the idiots joining forces together was quite interesting.

I guess that everyone now is wondering about what happened at the last of the episode. Who was this girl who appeared who looked very similar to Charlotte, and why was she trying to kill herself? I am looking forward to the next week episode to know all about that, and I am wondering if we will know more about Charlotte.