Komatsu was able to reach the third round of the cooking festival and that’s amazing! Finally the events are becoming more interesting to watch.

Summary points:

              • Each contestant chose their partner to start cooking the whole island.
              • Toriko and Komatsu are in pinch, the ingredients keep regenerating.
              • They were able to catch a large oyster that has all the island’s nutrients.
              • Bishokukai are coming at last.


Finally, Toriko had a role in the cooking festival, as I think it was getting somehow boring with Toriko only watching. This time Komatsu has to cook all the ingredients or the nutrients of a whole Island! Well, that wasn’t actually supposed to be hard with the help of Toriko. However, the problem of forever regrowing  ingredients  after their capture, made the mission seem impossible. I got worried too, and didn’t expect the solution of the problem. I thought  that Komatsu will give up too, but that would have been too boring and frustrating for it to happen. However, they were able to gain a light of hope as they both got an idea from the sea itself. I didn’t see this coming, and they were much lucky too to find a large oyster that has all the island’s nutrients without wasting time of capturing many small ones. We were able to see Toriko’s kugi punch in this episode, which I think I haven’t seen from nearly a month.

Komatsu was able to reach to the fourth round.  That’s great, but wait! He will be challenging Zaus? Alone and by his own skills? I don’t know what will happen, but that sounds impossible to me. I can’t wait to see what will happen, but actually what I am looking forward to watch more is the Bishokukai. They are coming at last, I was waiting on that for whole 3 weeks. Well, it will not be only Starjuun but also Tommyrod and Grinpatch are coming. This will be quite exciting, although we don’t know yet what will they actually do.