Smash Through Everything

Key Events

Ishida rides new card Eradicator Tempest Bolt Dragon to break through his despair and win the duel.

Komoi is back to normal but is unconscious. It starts to rain so they carry Komoi inside the building.

Ishida remembers the time when he was reversed and follows his memory to discover a hidden room in the school leading him to Maki Nagashiro and his second fight.

Ishida again falls on the back foot quickly and is trapped inside Maki’s weird imagination of loneliness and vines. But with the help of Komoi’s voice for a second time, he breaks free and wins the duel.

Meanwhile Aichi and Misaki arrive in time at the school to see the black ring disappear from above it. And seeing Ishida and Komoi’s determination, Aichi loses all hesitation and decides to go straight for Takuto.


Interesting new card, Eradicator Tempest Bolt Dragon. Its limit break destroys all rear guards, opponents and your own, and then gains 2k for each empty circle. You may think that it’s not a great card due to the side effect of destroying your own rear guards, but remember that you can have as little rear guards as you want. However I do agree it’s not the best of ideas to limit the number of rear guards you have when going through the turns up to grade 3 as although you’ll have more guard units you’ll lack way too many opportunities for early damage and that could make a huge difference endgame. Though if you’ve had a bad hand and ended up with few grade 1s and 2s, then it could be very helpful to wipe your opponent’s field out when you may only have 1 rear guard at grade 3 and reinforce your field after ability. It could be a game changer in that scenario. But if a card is too dependant on the scenario to work well, then I don’t think it’s worth having as it can easily be a dead draw. Could work very well, but I personally wouldn’t bother with it.

When Ishida won that duel, I loved it when he smiled at Komoi screaming in pain from being de-reversed. Was kinda off, and sadistic, although it wasn’t an evil smile, that’d be worrying. Speaking of those two, I think it’s a lovely friendship they have now. It’s been nice to see their relationship grow throughout the series and it really came to light this episode. They went from dislike, to love to hate to friendly banter then to a proper friendship and know they can count on each other.

I knew from the start that Ishida was going to win, I felt it wouldn’t be moving forward if Ishida didn’t win the rematch after all this develop since the start of the season. However I did doubt it a little as Maki has been one of the most mysterious people this season. She’s been constantly lurking in the background almost as if she was the one pulling the strings. I had a feeling she could’ve been the ‘main’ evil person, perhaps possessed by Void itself and Takuto was a decoy. The outcome of this duel would then depended on whether Maki was important or not, whether she was a mere soldier or the commander. Turns out she was just another soldier, who was too careless on the internet. The online world is a dangerous place indeed.

Was very happy to see Neo Nectar again, one of my favourite clans. In fact I’m still trying to build Neo Nectar’s musketeer deck at the moment. Not many new cards were released, only notable one is Maiden of Venus Trap Reverse and even then I don’t think we actually know its ability. So I can’t really say much on it. Although I will say that the card actually looks very much alike to Maki, especially the glasses, even though they’re not the same. And a quick point I want to make about Neo Nectar is that Corolla Dragon is not a dragon…

As soon as Maki started that loneliness talk I knew Ishida was going to win. It’s one of those obvious ‘traps’ so to speak that the ‘good’ character will always break out of. Especially since Komoi’s right next to him this time and not just a voice in his head. And he’s found loads of friends in Aichi and Misaki too. Another ‘inspirational speech’ was unavoidable. But I didn’t mind, reinforces their relationship.

Also still on the duel, I was thinking, should Maki really be restraining Ishida when he needs to finish the duel? The duel won’t finish until he can draw and move onto the next turn. I’m sure you don’t want to just be standing there for ages. So yeah, let him go, finish the duel and if you win, then continue with the plant attack. Which oddly reminds me of Cardcaptor Sakura, ending of the first season when Sakura was trapped in a load of vine things from UA. And both of them were overdramatic when breaking out of the vine cage too.

Anyways, I think I’ve said too much on this episode so I’ll stop here. Aichi’s morale is better somewhat so perhaps this risk was worth it after all. Hmmm still unsure on that… but I’ll go with it. Assault onto Takuto now, the main event.