It’s about time for me to revisit RWBY for music. You knew I’d bring it back…

The soundtrack was released last week (which you should all totally buy, by the way) and so the full version of Red Like Roses Part II was released upon the world. So, what better way to celebrate this than to make it SOTW?

The episode edit of this song was played during episode 8 – ‘Players And Pieces’ – during the big action scene featuring the four title characters, and also at the end of that episode as an ending. I like those versions too, but the full version stirs up more emotion. In what is most likely a plot point relating to Ruby Rose and her as-of-yet unrevealed relative Summer Rose, the lyrics speak of someone mourning over the loss of a loved one. Pretty deep.

There’s probably a link somewhere to the fact the lyrics are sung by mother-and-daughter duo of Sandy Casey and Casey Lee Williams. But I won’t speculate that far into it.

So, as per usual, listen and stuff.


Episode Edit


CD Version