Aichi and Kamui

Key Events

As Aichi, Misaki, Ishida and Komoi march on to face Takuto, their first obstacle appears in the form of Kamui.

Having probably the best relationship with Kamui, Aichi decides to face him.

With a duel full of friendship speeches and a new card for Aichi, he wins with a final attack from Blaster Blade to turn Kamui back. Komoi and Ishida introduce themselves to him and they all hit it off nicely.

Aichi and gang continue on to Takuto’s HQ and meet Miwa and Kai, their next obstacles.


Like with every reverse duel there are always some emotional attachment on the line. This duel was no different pitting two good friends against each other. I quite liked how they put Kamui and Aichi’s relationship ‘out there’. I actually can’t remember how it started, but it wasn’t smooth sailing at the very beginning, I think if anything kicked it off properly, it was Emi that got them together. But afterwards Aichi’s skills and likableness managed to earn him a good friend in Kamui. And as always, now with Reverse that was put to the test.

Quite a lot of friendships were tested this season, which I liked, especially as it gave us a chance to look back at how far the anime’s come and how much the characters have changed and developed. Whilst there were breaks in between arcs, there weren’t anything that looked back to the beginning and for a long running series it’s always good to remember how it started. After all, it’s very easy for us viewers to forget being that long ago.

Also an interesting idea popped into my head about card rarity. For Reverse cards they should reverse the R where it states the rarity on the bottom right hand corner of the card. I think they missed a trick here, that would’ve been a fun thing to do.

A double quintet wall in Aichi’s circumstances would be acceptable to save himself with only 2 cards remaining in hand. Apart from that I don’t think you can really justify using up more than a 5th of your deck. Especially if you play a draw heavy deck and won’t have many cards remaining. And speaking of Aichi, I’ve called on this for a while and it’s finally happened, Aichi gets a new card! Though unfortunately Gancelot Zenith is nowhere near as good as I thought it’d be. It’s a card that relies on chance and has a fairly fair tradeoff, i.e. a unit for a unit and does little else. Just seems that they made this card especially so that Blaster Blade could be Superior Called to deal the final damage. I don’t think this card will see much tournament play. I still think Platina Ezel is the best card, at least for Gold Paladin.

But anyway, Aichi’s resolve seems like it’s back. Though I didn’t expect his duel with Kai would be this ‘quick’. As in I thought there’d be more ‘bosses’ to beat before reaching Kai, not just Kamui and Miwa. Though I might be speaking too soon as Kai could easily head back in after Miwa’s defeated and then they’ll need to climb all the floors meeting progressively harder fighters. That said, I don’t actually know who else there are to face. All the fighters we are familiar with that are strong are not reversed. So perhaps Kai will have to fight sooner because of that.

And speaking of those fighters that aren’t reversed, where are they? Thought Leon was up for taking Takuto down, now he’s nowhere to be seen. Or maybe he’s de-reversing everyone he can find. Still isn’t really an excuse not to be here, but he can easily blame it on Aichi for not giving him a call. Don’t need him anyway.

Look like it’s Miwa vs Misaki next, allowing Aichi time to rest. Probably not going to be anything too surprising here, I doubt Misaki will lose. Although I have been waiting for a while to see Genesis back in action again, so I know I’m looking forward to it for that reason.