The Form of Friendship

Key Events

Miwa asks to test Aichi’s skill but Misaki stops Aichi and steps forward herself.

A new and improved Genesis deck sees Misaki through a relatively straight forward win against Miwa.


I have to say, this anime is much less dark than some of the Yu Gi Oh seasons. I’m taking this whole reverse thing as their attempt to be dark, but in the end it’s nothing that ‘bad’. Basically I’m thinking on the lines of that there’s probably nothing that could be censored if it was dubbed by 4kids and that’s saying something. However I do give it that it’s the darkest this show’s gone and it’s not too bad, I like it enough, gave us a new clan and game mechanic.

As previously said many times, a new reverse duel, a new opportunity for flashbacks and ‘test’ another relationship so to speak. This time it’s a relationship that I didn’t think had any meat to it, Misaki and Miwa. Always thought that they were just normal friends and nothing really special happened between them, but it seems they have had some sort of inspirational encounter. Though maybe it’s just me but it feels like the encounter they gave a flashback for this episode feels like it was made so that they had something for this relationship to fall onto, if that makes sense.

Loving Genesis more and more, already said I was going to make a Genesis deck, now I’m more than certain I want one, especially as the pack was just released last week. So many cute cards and an impressive 7 soulcharge at once, on par or perhaps even better than Dark Irregulars. Though that said, I may need to change mentality very slightly since the last time I played Vanguard I was maining a Coco deck and as you all know that plays on no soul.

Also, small point, but I was thinking that 25k guard for a quintet wall isn’t as impressive as the anime was trying to put it out to be. It’s only half of its maximum which I would say is the average amount by probability as you’re more likely to draw grade 1s and 2s. I would like to see a quintet wall at 50k damage to guard against an important attack, that would be on par, if not luckier than drawing a heal trigger on a life or death situation.

So anyway, Kai next, and I’m wondering if he’s turned non-human as I’m pretty sure you can’t just jump down from that height unscathed. Whatever happens though I’m certain this next duel won’t be a one episode duel and I’m expecting a lot of flashbacks too as this is ‘the’ relationship that’s tested throughout this season.