The Power of Order

Key Events

The Imperator that the NOL swear allegiance to has awoken and Hazama makes it clear that he’s doing everything on purpose to throw the Takama-ga-hara off.

Litchi meets Hazama in the sewers and we find out that Arakune was someone Litchi loved before he turned into a blob. Hazama however seems to know a way to change him back.

Makoto explains to Noel that she believes Hazama is behind an entire branch of NOL people disappearing. She contacts Kokonoe wanting safe refuge for Noel, who sends Tager to rendezvous. Makoto tells Noel that she believes Hazama is using Tsubaki so she could be in danger, but made Noel promise she will not rush off. She says she will rescue Tsubaki once she gets Noel to a safe place first.

Elsewhere Tsubaki has found Jin and after Jin refuses to go back quietly, a fight breaks out whilst Jin is still unable to draw Yukianesa. Jin questions the justice that is the Imperator of the NOL that Tsubaki follows. He then comes to a realisation that he is the one to bring balance to the world, awakens his Power of Order and draws Yukianesa. He easily restrains Tsubaki with his ice and continues forward looking for Ragna leaving Tsubaki without killing her.

Tager arrives at the rendezvous point but Hazama gets there first and another fight breaks out.

Jubei appears only to warn Ragna not to die as he’s about to enter the NOL’s branch building. After he makes it into the NOL’s building and is greeted by a delighted Jin.

Makoto and Noel finally reach the rendezvous point only to witness a defeated Tager and an unharmed Hazama.

Tsubaki struggles around losing hope and is about to kill herself but is stopped by the Imperator.


We were given some background information about the NOL, and things are definitely heating up again. Everyone’s paths are slowly starting to cross each other. The intermission is well and truly over. Although because of that, the story started jumping around storylines again, I don’t mind it as much this time, probably because I know a lot more so it actually makes sense. Rather than blindly jumping around and making me more confused. Still don’t understand everything though, as always, for example, what is this power of order? Something to do with bringing balance to the world? Is he another force that can change the direction that the world’s going in like the Takama-ga-hara? If that’s true, the Takama-ga-hara must have priority as they changed his story from being killed by Tsubaki to not being killed. Again, I’d like some more explanation here.

Something new revealed about Arakune this episode, although that was the only part of Arakune I knew about so meaning I still don’t know anymore. That said I don’t think Arakune’s story is particularly extensive anyway. I believe all he is, is someone who Litchi loved before he was turned into a blob by getting too close to the boundary.

Just a small point, but why are there so many stairs? For one thing, all Ragna seems to be doing is climbing more and more stairs. But at least now he looks to have reached his destination more or less.

Fights are now breaking out everywhere and we’re reaching  the battles that will decide the fate of the world. More action this episode than anything else but some explanations were slotted in which I like. Still though, as I asked in the first paragraph, what is this power of order, and why did the Takama-ga-hara want to keep it alive? Keeping on the Takama-ga-hara, Terumi must be well and truly out of their control by now. Surely they’ll need to act soon, Terumi looked as though he was making a challenge to them as well.

Even Valkenhayn and Jubei have ‘joined’ in, so… Rachel fight soon? Tager’s down, his game dominance obviously doesn’t transfer here, probably the only character I have a problem with beating easily against highest difficulty AI. Doesn’t say much as the game AI are quite stupid. Makoto will probably go down too, meaning Noel’s gonna be taken to be smelted. I wonder what the ending will look like, Jin and Ragna surely aren’t going to make it to Terumi unscarred, if at all. Their fight is going to be quite destructive, so not many who can oppose Hazama still around. I doubt people like Carl or Platinum are going to make an appearance anymore, their brief cameo is all they’ll get in this series. What will Kokonoe do now? Surely we’ll lambda engage in combat as I think that’s the last person who has a chance against Terumi if Ragna can’t and if she doesn’t want to lose noel that’s her only choice.

Disappointing thing is that there’s nothing Chronophantasma related anymore apart from the talking Arakune, which reminds me, what happened with Litchi? I’m assuming she turned sides.

If Tsubaki gains full use of Izayoi then that would be Chronophantasma, and it looks like she has, or will have with the help of the Imperator as Izayoi’s a new character in Chronophantasma. And speaking of the imperator, I don’t know who she is, important person at the top of the NOL sure, but why appear now? I’m assuming there’s more purpose to her than just ‘helping out’ Tsubaki, something more intertwined with other people’s storylines perhaps.

Lastly, one of the few people who I still don’t know anything about is that floating thing that follows Hazama everywhere, just simply, what is that thing? Somehow I don’t think that’ll ever be revealed unless it does something important, and so far just floating around behind Hazama doesn’t look like something important.

With everything said, I really want Rachel to make her move instead of going back and drinking tea. She did say she wanted to make a stop somewhere, only two places I can think of that’s important right now that’s worth visiting, stopping Hazama, or helping Ragna.