First and foremost, happy holidays everyone. And I’m finally getting a break from work for the first time since starting, and after many months of nonstop studying. So I’m looking to party a bit over the next 2 weeks where I’m staying home and visiting some old friends. Blogging should be on time now, but that said I will be out a lot and perhaps drinking a fair bit… so even though I have time I definitely can’t promise I’ll be in my right mind to blog at all times, so for now, I’ll just say expect potential delays. Gonna be family and friend time for a while. But anyway, because it’s partying time for me I thought I’d put up a song that’s directly related, a song about party time. Party Time! by Guardians4, opening of Shugo Chara! Party! An anime that’s part of my top five if you didn’t know.

Now I’m off to play some Mahjong with my family for the rest of the night. Oh and last thing, my season preview will be up within the next two weeks. Enjoy your holidays.