The Two Leaders

Key Events

With Miwa back to normal, the last man standing in the way to Takuto is Kai. Aichi steps up again to face his rival.

The duel goes on evenly most of the game and no one takes a clear advantage until the last few minutes of the episode as Kai declares he has surpassed Aichi.


A fairly standard episode i.e. the episode pretty much played out how you would expect a match between Aichi and Kai would go under the certain circumstances. A lot of flashback, a lot of emotion and a fierce duel. Flashback galore in this episode, a lot of memories involved and quite a bit of history between the two too.

Although because of that, and the fact that the duel didn’t finish like I thought, as it should take at least 2 episodes, this is one of those times where I really don’t have much to say on an episode. Only got a few short points I want to make.

I felt that although the duel should last 2 episodes, it dragged on a bit. They extended it at the start and with the amount of flashbacks, they managed to fill the episode. The heal triggers also helped extend the duel too, I was thinking that was one of the few ways they could do it and they had to pull it out.

Last little thing then, I quite like this changed Kai. His evilness seems uncannily natural and he actually smiles, albeit not a normal smile, but still, it’s rare. Finally seeing Link Joker again, being the title of this arc you’d expect them to be played more than just a couple of occasions. Even if the clan is played by the ‘boss’ they should’ve given some underlings a weakened version of the deck to see it more in action. I think that would’ve been better advertising for it. Though I suppose high impact duels like this is fine as it is. We can of course expect Kai to make full use of the deck.