The God-Killer’s Cocoon

Happy holidays everyone!

Key Events

Jin and Ragna’s fight get underway looking evenly matched.

After an interesting comical routine from Hazama, he makes his move to capture Noel and a fight ensues. Noel and Makoto are easily taken down.

Makoto is captured by Hazama whilst he blames everything that’s happened to Tsubaki and Makoto on Noel causing her to fall into despair. He then drops Makoto off the edge of the building to her certain death. Noel falls further into despair awakening her powers.

Ragna hears some commotion and break off his fight. Jubei stops Jin’s chase and tells him to go to the cauldron.

Ragna arrives at where Hazama is and activates Blazblue but Hazama is able to shut off instantly.

Rachel frees Hakumen so that he can continue with what he needs to do. However as soon as she appears out in the real world she is caught by the Imperator.


Nooo! Rachel! Now she definitely can’t do anything. My hopes are completely gone now. No Tiny Lobelia, no Tempest Dahlia. Sad face… Though I guess her comical attacks wouldn’t suit the serious turn that the anime’s taken.

What’s this about a Master Unit? Looks to be another one for the pile of unknowns. But I won’t go on more about that, from the name it sounds like another person that can alter the timeline, or another power that’s in play around the world. Like the current numerous power struggles already with each trying to guide the world to their fitting. Quite late into the series and only now do I think I see that the world goes is the goal everyone’s aiming for, i.e. everyone wants to ‘control’ everything for example like the Takama-ga-hara wants peace.

Hard to believe that the Takama-ga-hara are still defiant in that they have control of Hazama and he hasn’t stepped out of line yet. Because of that Rachel looks to oppose them, peace is indeed a bit dull, though I never expected her to be the one who wants something ‘interesting’ to happen considering she just wants to drink tea.

Just like to say, nice to see some game moves used this episode and gotta love Hazama, funny guy, very flexible.

I hear people talking about Continuum Shift again, which means the story is not going into Chronophantasma because as far as I’m aware, it’s a 12 episode series so it’ll end soon and there’ll be no time to go into a new story. Still though, Arakune can talk… I’ll just stick with that as my excuse.

Some other things I’m wondering about are what is BlazBlue and why did Rachel free Hakumen? Although I do roughly know the former, well I know what it does, but don’t know exactly what it is. I do know that Hazama created it as I completed the arcade mode a few times in China at the arcades.

The main thing here is what can Hakumen do? Not much, if anything, has been said about him so far and if I hadn’t read into it I’d be still in the dark, it’s a nice surprise when you do find out more about him, who he is that is, as I still don’t know what he’s supposed to do, so I’m waiting to find out as he makes his move.