Beyond the Bond

Key Events

Aichi fails to win on his turn so Kai declares his signature final turn and wins with a timely trigger.

Aichi resists Reverse for as long as he can but falls unconscious eventually. However help does arrive in the form of Leon and a mirror where he’s able to call the real Takuto from inside Aichi with Psyqualia and heal him before it’s too late.

But because of the sheer willpower that Aichi exerted to stop Reverse, his body is not in any shape to duel. So Leon and Takuto will head in alone to defeat Link Joker.


Aichi lost, unexpected although I thought the defeat was done lackadaisically. In simple terms, it was anticlimactic. From how the episode portrayed the defeat you kinda had a feeling that Aichi was going to be alright as it was very relaxed. So relaxed that I didn’t actually believe he lost until the Reverse started taking effect on him. I mean the only surprise was that I expected a heal trigger which didn’t happen, but then after that surprise lost its effect I thought that he had to be fine because no one was making a huge fuss. With half the episode left as well, I started going through who was around who could save Aichi, my Leon guess was half right, didn’t expect Takuto but nice to see him. If they ended the episode with a lot of drama as Aichi loses, then that would’ve made this loss much more believable in that it will make us question whether Aichi will be Reversed, rather than ‘giving it away’ that he was fine.

This episode also showed Quintet Walls’ weaknesses i.e. quite rightly said by Kai, a wall can be broken, perfect defence can’t. So you would have a mix of Perfect Defence and Walls. And I also did say that 25k wasn’t all that impressive anyway.

Also, is it just me or does Kai talk too much now that he’s reversed? And I’m pretty sure Kamui resisted Reverse for much longer than Aichi and yet he got no praise. Perks for being the main character I guess… and Kamui’s struggles were mainly off screen too.

Here’s a question that might be in your mind, where’s Ren? Thinking about it surely the two people originally bestowed with the power of Psyqualia should be here if the real Takuto is here right? Well okay, not necessarily, but even still, Ren of all people should be on the frontlines against Void. Maybe he is elsewhere and inefficiently not going straight to the source.

With the real Takuto and Leon venturing into enemy territory, will they be able to end this chaos before the main character is able to get back on his feet again? I doubt it, Aichi has to be the one to end it, right? He may have lost once, but I’m sure he’ll be back soon. I think the main question is if Kai will face Aichi again as he’s stated that he’s surpassed him. Difficult one, I think yes, but only if Aichi takes a step forward somehow so that Kai sees worth in facing him again. So I think that’s what’s going to happen first, Aichi character development.