The Murakumo Awakens

Key Events

Ragna displays his ignorance of everything in front of Hazama who decides to tell him everything as he needs to know.

A long time ago, mankind discovered the gateway (the Cauldron) to another world (the Boundary). The Boundary was filled with Seithr, the substance that the world is made out of and it was all controlled by the Master Unit, Amaterasu. Wanting that power for themselves, mankind created the Dimensional Boundary Interface Prime Field and successfully interfaced with the Master Unit. However the first Prime Field obtained the power of the eye and became an observer allowing it to overwrite every event to what it desired. Fearing that power, they threw the first Prime Field away into the boundary. Though with the data from it, mankind created the Takama-ga-hara system to control world events. They realise that they were literally a God and felt the need to destroy the ‘other’ God, the Master Unit, so they used the Dimensional Boundary Interface Prime Field project for that purpose.

Based on the Izayoi, which destroyed the first Prime Field, the Shinki was created i.e. the Murakumo. However they also needed the Power of the Azure, the power of creation and destruction. Hazama managed to extract a tiny bit of it and made it into the Azure Grimoire, the BlazBlue, but it’s still a fake compared to the true BlazBlue. When the Azure and Murakumo fail to fuse, the Black Beast was created. Noel is different though, she doesn’t need the Azure, so she is the perfect Prime Field.

Noel emerges as Mu-12, Kusanagi and heads straight for the Cauldron to kill the Master Unit on Hazama’s orders. Before she reaches there, Hakumen appears.

Ragna continues his fight with Hazama as Llambda waits overhead for an opportunity to strike. But when that opportunity arises Lambda chose to protect Ragna instead of attacking. She dies and is somehow absorbed into Ragna. With the Idea Engine from Lambda, he’s able to activate his BlazBlue and overpower Hazama’s, overpowering him. He doesn’t deliver the finishing blow however, instead Gii comes begging for help to save Rachel and he rushes off.

After rescuing the damsel in distress, Ragna rushes off to go after Noel.


Apologies for the massive text blocks, but that was pretty much the full explanation that Hazama gave. I thought it’d be helpful if I put it in writing, hopefully making it clearer for myself and everyone else if you didn’t catch all of it whilst watching.

It was a very good explanation, and I now know almost everything about the storyline, or at least the key elements that brings us to this point in the story. It only took a few minutes so I don’t see why they couldn’t have done this earlier. However I’m not going to say that was a bad thing as it may have suited some people who liked the mystery of been given pieces of a puzzle and finally gets the full picture near the end to link everything together.

So now I see how the Takama-ga-hara can control time and space, and how they were created by mankind. Good to know what I was wondering about last episode i.e. what the master unit was and also why Rachel wants to save it.

Not too many things I wanted to comment on, although I was surprised that Hazama allowed Ragna and Lambda to have their little sad moment. Though he probably enjoyed watching Lambda die slowly. Still, thought he’d pop in to kill Ragna whilst he was distracted, seems the kinda troll thing he’d do. Didn’t see him as the honourable kind and waiting to let Lambda die ‘in peace’, so to speak.

Still love Rachel, always acting so cool and elegant, reminds me of Shugo Chara’s ‘Cool and Spicy’ attitude. Now that she’s free again I’m expecting her to go back to her realm and relax with a nice cup of Earl Grey. I’ve completely given up on seeing Nago’s electric chair, or Gii’s drill, but there’s still a chance she could do something in the final episode. I’m not hanging onto that hope, but I’m just saying she still could fight.

I thought this episode was very good, at least for me. It had almost everything and was well executed. We had the big explanation, the plot movement towards the end of the story, a sad moment to tug on our heartstrings a little, well animated fighting that I think and hope even the non BlazBlue fans enjoyed, crazy hazama, and for me personally a rather cute moment with Rachel. They managed to pack a lot into this episode, I think the main difference here is what I’ve said before, that we knew what was going on.

Still wondering how it’s going to end as I know and you all know by now that there’s a sequel in Chronophantasma. So whatever happens it won’t be an ‘ending’ in the sense that it won’t be conclusive. There is continuation so I definitely will keep that in mind when watching it.