The Two Leons

Key Events

It doesn’t take long for Leon and Takuto to find Void Takuto. He teleports Leon elsewhere to face a future Leon where Void has taken over and locks Takuto so he can’t do anything.

Void Leon uses Maelstrom Reverse to dominate the majority of the duel, but a fully stacked penta counterblasted Tetra Drive Dragon and double critical trigger takes him out weakening Void Takuto.

Now it’s real Takuto’s turn to face Void Takuto


Well, an unexpected turn of events, by the looks of things Void will be defeated without the help of our protagonist. If Leon had faced Void Takuto, then I would’ve bet on a loss for him, but as soon as they conjured up this ‘future’ Leon my bet favoured the current Leon instantly. I still would find it odd that Leon would lose to Void again, but if he had to face the boss who I believed Aichi to beat then I’d give it to Takuto, but I don’t think he’d lose to anyone else apart from maybe Kai.

So with the recent dramatic turn, Void Takuto’s now on the back foot. I’m rethinking how this plays out. I think the real Takuto will win ‘fixing’ everything however there will be one more ‘last boss’ and that is Kai who they still need to beat to finalise Void’s defeat. And that’ll be when Aichi gets his rematch.

Some interesting powers that Void Takuto has, I’m wonder if that ice like power he has is ‘real’, i.e. he can turn things into ice, rather than it just being a nicely decorated teleportation spell. Though if he does have ice powers then he probably wouldn’t need all this duelling nonsense to take over the world and just take it over by freezing it all.

A fun turn of events I think as I was wondering to myself that Kai wouldn’t play Leon, so who would? I got my answer, himself, why didn’t I think of that. In any case I suppose I should’ve predicted that Leon would return triumphant mainly because he shouldn’t fall to Void again and also I can’t imagine them to have another Leon fight. If I wasn’t expecting Aichi to win, then the next person to venture in had to win, and when thinking about it Aichi still had Kai to deal with and Kai wouldn’t face anyone else anyway. So logically speaking with Aichi taken out of commission Leon can step in and finish the job bypassing Kai who is probably the biggest threat which is why void Takuto chose to convert him rather than take the harder option of trying to beat him. But of course considering that Aichi should take out the main antagonist and someone else like Ren could also appear, I thought the chances of Leon doing everything was slim. I was wrong, it looked unlikely that Ren would appear as he already had his own arc and I think the big match that’ll happen for Aichi is Kai so neither of them will play until then probably, so Leon’s chances should’ve been better than slim.

In any case, my ramblings, which sometimes even I don’t know what I mean, aside, that’s how I think the story will move forward. Real Takuto will win leaving Kai the only Reverse left for Aichi to have another go at.