The Price for the Future

Happy New Year!

Key Events

Rachel and Kokonoe tell Ragna that there’s no way to save Noel, she must be killed. But Ragna says that he’ll handle it and tells Rachel to hold Hakumen back for the fight.

Ragna and Jin face Mu-12 as Rachel and Hakumen take a spectator role. After exchanging blows, Ragna matches Mu-12’s power and is able to use the Idea Engine to bring Noel back at the cost of his left arm.

With all the commotion, Terumi sneaks into the Takama-ga-hara system and infects them with a virus to incapacitate them.

Noel returns to normal but Hazama interrupts their happy ending announcing that he had stopped the Takama-ga-hara, surprising everyone as he shouldn’t be able to be here without them. He wants to kill everyone now but Relius arrives with the imperator.

Ragna recognizes the imperator as Saya and when Hakumen rushes to attack Tsubaki blocks him. The imperator declares that she’ll end the endless loops and restore the world to its rightful path and begin the Day of Ruin. They retreat for now.

Ragna and Noel have pushed the world to a new timeline. Jin goes with Jubei to learn more about his Power of Order, Hakumen still wants to change the world in his own way and Rachel can still only watch. Ragna receives a new arm from Kokonoe and heads for Ikaruga followed by Taokaka.

Relius and Hazama talk about the Sword of Izanagi looking to plan something new for their next move.


An expected wrap up that sets the story for its continuation, Chronophantasma. I doubt they’ll make another anime so it’s almost certain the next continuation is the game. I now slightly want to play story mode, but only slightly. What’s probably going to happen is that I’ll leave it to my friend then interrogate her afterwards…

Similar to that effect, I gathered other information, not divulged from Hazama, from her, e.g. the looping of the world events. Amaterasu for some reason deemed the world to be ‘mad’ and started time loops sometime after mankind started attacking her, my guess is because she wanted to protect herself. The story timeline isn’t looped because Noel exists facilitating the incapacitation of the two forces that can loop time, Takama-ga-hara by Terumi and Amaterasu by Saya/Imperator/Izanami.

I’ll explain in more detail, and hope I make sense. Amaterasu and Takama-ga-hara are looping the timeline, the former I guessed the reason above and the latter because they want to find the ‘right’ timeline they want to advance onto. The only timeline that both of them could be stopped is the only timeline that Noel exists because she acts as a distraction.

The Takama-ga-hara were taken out because they were overconfident. They thought they had control of Terumi so theoretically he should have only seen what they have seen, timeline wise. The fact was that he’s seen more and knows Ragna would save Noel. The Takama-ga-hara didn’t, so he snuck in whilst they were distracted by the fight. I’m unsure how Amaterasu was stopped but I believe she was taken out, not killed, by Saya who can’t be killed as she is death itself and everyone else was distracted by Noel, so no one stopped her.

And now with them two out, the timeline can continue. With each individual character have their own goals. Jin, Noel and Makoto will want to save Tsubaki, Ragna followed by Taokaka wants to get Saya, Rachel’s observing, Hakumen and Jin are still after Ragna, Kokonoe still out for Revenge against Terumi involving Tager and all the ‘evil’ people who want Amaterasu dead, Terumi and Relius, controls Litchi, Saya, Tsubaki and Arakune work together with their own plan. No idea where Carl’s gone, and frankly I’m not bothered, the rest are either too obvious or I have no idea, so I’ll leave it at that and hope anyone who read that understood it.

In any case if you really want to understand everything play Xblaze and read the BlazBlue light novels, although neither are translated. There are a lot explained on forums though.

And that’s the jist of the story. As complicated as it is, it’s quite an interesting story if you have the time to look into it and link everything together or play through it as that adds to the experience. I won’t have that time unfortunately.

It was a nice happy ending with saving Noel the main event in this episode. It was satisfying enough as I knew what was going on and got the rest of the story from my friend. Only thing I’m disappointed about is Rachel not getting involved.  I like Hazama more this episode as I just realized his hair can stick up or become flat whenever he wants.

There was one little thing I wondered about for a while which was why Hazama didn’t kill them all. After a bit of thinking I’m guessing it’s because they’re still needed. They need the Power of Order from Jin, and Ragna’s needed for Hazama it seems. Rachel and Hakumen are probably too strong so they would suffer heavy injuries if a full scale fight broke out.

For the series overall, I think it was leaning more towards appealing to the fans of the games, and/or to those who know the story, at least a bit. I think I would have found it hard to watch if I didn’t know or like the characters as I’m sure you’ve all gathered that I found the start too much of a mishmash of plots and when it’s a story as complex as this it’s probably best to start slow with a bit of history first. Even a short narration would’ve helped, but no, it was confusing and that didn’t stop until later on. Nonetheless it got better, and I would say it’s worth a try, see what you think of episodes 1 and 2 first, perhaps you’ll like the full on approach and dive deep into the storyline by reading around the subject. Or you’ll like to be kept in the dark. I have to say though, it could’ve been done many times better.

Perhaps the anime managed to draw the attention of newcomers who’re now interested in the games. I don’t think there’ll be many, if there are some then I’m quite happy, if not I’m not surprised.