Holidays are over and I’m back to work. After finally catching up on blogging I may start falling behind again, though hopefully there’ll be no complications until my studies start again in March. That said I do need to start looking for a new place to live as my contract with my current landlord runs out late February. I won’t start that until mid-Jan ish, so nothing for the first week or two to distract me.

Speaking of nothing, since I’ve caught up with everything, anime and blogging, I’m actually out of things to do today. So I decided to see how far I can get with watching Detective Conan/Case Closed. I made it to a new season, i.e. a new OP and I quite like it. That made my SOTW decision easy, here’s the 28th opening of Detective Conan, “As The Dew” by Garnet Crow.

Also shows you how far behind I was and still am with this anime. I have finally transferred to the subbed version now though, took me a while since y’know after watching 500 odd episodes in Chinese dub it’s quite difficult to get used to new voices and new language. But I gave it about 20 ish episodes and here I am, finally continuing on with this anime. Less than 200 episodes to catch up.

I’ve also been hearing rumours everywhere about how it’s going to end, so don’t spoil anything please.

Note: If you’re wondering Vanguard starts up again next week as are the majority of new anime I believe, so I pick up my blogging again then.