Egg of Columbus

Key Events

The story begins as our protagonist, Nice, takes out a group of bank robbers. He then returns to his ‘office’, Hamatora Private Investigations, one table rented out in a bar. He’s out of money so looking for cases to take. There are two offer, safeguarding a safe in which a ‘Minimum Holder’, someone with powers like them, will attempt to steal it, or catch a serial kidnapper of college girls.

Nice goes for the kidnapper whilst his partner, Murasaki, takes the better paid safeguarding job. Nice finds out his client is actually the police, and the guy in charge helps with information gathering.

The kidnappings are targeting a particular college girl who knows something. Nice remembers that one of his ‘colleagues’ had a body guarding job for someone who knew too much and so heads off confirming that the person is a college girl.

The two guarding the college girl are attacked by another minimum holder who manages to get the information, a code, from her. The code turns out to be for the safe that Murasaki is guarding as the master of the safe  had had intimate relationships with many college girls, hence why the kidnapper targeted only college girls.

Everyone from Hamatora make their way to the safe’s house and soon enough the enemy show up. After a flashy display of everyone’s powers they beat the bad guys and they are arrested. However the police seem to be hiding something from them, that a recent serial killer is targeting Minimum Holders.


Now that was a nice way to start an episode, not a care in the world whilst guns are pointed at you in a bank robbery. I enjoyed that, it was fun. A nice action episode to start the series and to give a short depiction, if you will, of what the series will be like. People come with cases and they all intertwine in different ways resulting in one big case at the end. If anything it reminds me of Sherlock, the BBC series, albeit on a much smaller scale. The idea is similar and if executed properly, by planting bits of evidence here and there where you wouldn’t expect it and string them up, it makes for a great show.

Animation quality was pretty good, and they showed that off during the battle at the end, plus showed off everyone’s abilities and what we can look forward to in terms of battles. I saw this episode more of a teaser than a proper episode as it didn’t really introduce in terms of characters, what they do and plot.

The one complaint I have about this episode is that the entire scenario was a bit small. But as I said earlier this is probably just a teaser and I’m hoping they’ll start with cases next episode that as each episode goes on, introduces more aspects and/or cases that ultimately all link to one big case at the end. This does set up nicely for a good mystery anime, definitely has me interested.

Overall, I’d say it left a good impression, I’d call this a high impact episode to get us interested and it’s worked for me. Was rather fun too, nothing serious went on, a bit of banter and comedy here and there. Disappointing that no one was properly introduced, but I’m sure they’ll see to that in a much less action packed second episode to get us all acquainted. Another thing was that, the entire case linking together felt somewhat forced rather than natural, though I suppose that’s what happens when they try to cram a lot into one episode. However, I’ll take that as a good sign of things to come, they made a nice showing with 1 episode, so surely they can do much better with more.

It was an enjoyable episode for me and left a good impression enough to blog this over a few of the others I had my eyes on.