Key Events

Takuto retreats from Aichi challenge and has Kourin do his bidding instead.

Aichi rides a new card, a new Alfred courtesy of Takuto.

We get a little backstory to Kourin and the other members of Ultra Rare, all of them had their memories wiped by Takuto when he recruited them as mere pawns.

Kourin is fighting hard now to protect her memories as losing them now would be worse than death.

Down below on the ground the battle rages on, but it seems the good guys have reinforcements.

Aichi’s feelings and spirit get through the duel for him to win and take Kourin back. But that was all a delay tactic as thanks to that, it’s bought enough time for Void Takuto.


Takuto’s setting up something big is he? Never thought he’d be the one to use a delay tactic, though that said using his pawns to merely buy time is certainly expected. However that just shows that he was afraid. He was probably weak after the duel with normal Takuto and although Aichi’s also injured he felt that it was too risky to play himself, because surely if he had confidence that his strength was enough he would’ve ended humanity’s hope and beat Aichi. So coming back to the question if he’s setting up something big, perhaps not, perhaps he’s just recovering from the battle or maybe he needed time to properly absorb normal Takuto and to make that power his own. That’s what I’m thinking anyway, so when they do face off he’ll be powered up whilst Aichi will have taken more ‘damage’ from everyone to get to him, like the random people Takuto’s lined up now. Though Ren will probably take care of that, he’s on his way up.

I don’t think there was a doubt in anyone’s mind that Kourin would lose, she is merely small fry at the moment. I think apart from Kai and Void Takuto the only other two who can stand a chance against Aichi is Ren or Leon, oddly enough the two main antagonists we’ve had on the series so far. And with Ren finally showing up, the strongest fighters have all gathered, that to me is a sign they’re getting ready to end this arc and are moving it to the finale. What will probably happen is Ren and everyone else clear a way for Aichi to reach the final battle. Although that’s where I’m stuck, the question I’ve been pondering for a while is, who is it with? There are still two main villains left, Kai and Void Takuto. My theory on this is that Takuto must be stopped this arc to stop the destruction of the world and since Kai is a pawn he can wait. So what I think will happen and I think I’ve mentioned my theory before, is that Aichi will face and win against Takuto stopping him however Kai will disappear so the next season/arc will focus on him. Either that or Kai make an appearance again and fight the other rival he’s been so fixated on, Ren.

But for this Kourin vs Aichi matchup, it for me seemed like a filler duel, yes it was to buy Takuto time, but in the grand scheme of things, not really an important duel. And most importantly one which you expect Aichi to win or it’d be all over a bit too soon. Unless Ren took over and beats everyone, no reason why he can’t, expect maybe that Aichi still is the protagonist. That said, Ren is the one who’s had the best streak against Reverse not dropping a match so far and have reformed his group.

Anyways, with the cavalry finally here, it’s time to advance. I still feel Aichi should take some sort of a rest, as if he keeps on going it’ll seem too ‘shounen’ what with spirit keeping him alive and whatever. I’m not really a fan of that, I’d like some more logical reason for him to be able to stand and duel like that after being in a comatose state, than dueling ‘spirit’ or whatever they want to call it.