Beloved Bastard

Key Events

Birthday was mistakenly arrested on suspicion of a terrorist bombing, he’s released later.

A new case comes from a highschool kid wanting to look for his teacher who went missing 3 days ago. Nice takes the job and enrolls at the school along with Murasaki who becomes a student teacher.

An interesting revelation comes about as they discover this ‘Reverse’ website that only students can go on to say stuff they don’t want to go public. They find out that their client was bullied and his teacher was the only person they could turn to. But minutes later, they find out that the teacher was brutally murdered by having his brain removed.

The police officer, Art, from last episode tells Nice and Murasaki everything that a series of murders have been targeting Minimum Holders.

The teacher had photos of the bullying and so was able to expel the five people from the photos. But the question is who took the photo, surely there’s a sixth member, the ringleader. Nice had investigated the teacher’s room earlier and found that the ringleader’s IP address came from his computer, it was him.

Later they see that of the seven photos they had gathered from the evidence, 6 were involved in bombings e.g. at the start of the episode. Figuring out they must be related, they head to the 7th location where as predicted they find the culprit who was exposed because of the photos and now an outcast wanting to blow up reality. His ability is to speed up time like the timed bomb he placed. But Nice and Murasaki stop him before he can cause any damage.

Another revelation, it seems Minimum holders can be ‘created’, i.e. normal humans who weren’t born with abilities can gain them, though it requires a Minimum Holder’s brain. And we get a glimpse of the big villain’s brain ‘farm’.


As expected this episode was a lot slower than last. Whilst they still kept the focus of the series in linking mysteries and solving them, they did fewer cases to arrive at the final conclusion. So it felt slower which is perfectly fine as they were able to flesh out the characters more. That’s especially the case with what seem to be our main duo of Nice and Murasaki. The anime showed off their personalities and powers more. Only thing is that it didn’t really do much for the other characters, whilst there were bits here and there, it wasn’t enough to leave any more impressions, apart from Birthday being a troublemaker. Though it’s probably because they wanted to firmly push Nice and Murasaki as the two main guys.

The other good thing is that the plot was explored more too, in detail too and that’s unfolding nicely in the background where I think it should be at this moment. I’d like to see the overarching plot being the brain farm thing and everything else Hamatora do up until that point links in it all together. It’s already looking like that’s the case so I’m quite happy with how it’s going.

I’d call this episode more character development than anything else. Wasn’t really any tension or suspense with the low level criminals the guys had to deal with. The case set up was smaller as well and nothing much to get our heads around there. So our focus was more towards the characters. Only takes one good large mystery to make a series good, so I’m counting on something to wow me, or at least make me think. Though with my current catching up with Conan, it’ll take a lot more to impress me than usual.

Though that’s not to say the action wasn’t good. The animation quality was still high and I enjoyed the short burst of action we had near the end.

Overall whilst this episode lacked a bit of ‘stuff’, I liked it still as I prefer less going on and more introductions and explanations and time to comprehend everything rather than another episode crammed full of things that would make getting into the anime difficult. Like what I complained about in Blazblue’s earlier episodes. This anime has it better than that. The episode was still engaging and still an interesting mystery to round the episode off and with it some action, what more can you ask for. Was very colourful too, especially when they activated their abilities.

What I’d like to see more of is them using their powers for everyday type things like Nice getting the sandwich at lunch at school. I found that hilarious. Anyways, a much deeper storyline looks to be unfolding in the background as I said earlier, I just wonder how much information they’ll give next episode about it, if this series is short perhaps it’s a substantial amount, or maybe this arc is short, if not then I hope it’s just enough to keep everyone interested without revealing all the secrets.