Ren’s Wish

Key Events

With the world’s end drawing nearer, Aichi and Leon have no choice but to try and fight. Takuto refuses to accept Aichi’s challenge, unless Aichi can beat everyone else Takuto puts in front of him. Luckily Ren’s group show up and he and Aichi carry onwards whilst the others take out Takuto’s fighters.

Ren and Aichi eventually arrive on the roof to greet Void Takuto who’s had enough time to meld with normal Takuto. Ren challenges him but they still have a final opponent to beat and that is Kai.

Kai brushes Aichi aside as he’s only interested in Ren. The duel starts and Kai is using Kagero again.


So Takuto was struggling and wanted to buy time so he could completely meld with normal Takuto and absorb his powers. It would’ve been too risky for him to fight in that condition, but bought enough time, and what’s better is that he’s still not dueling, so more time to ‘recover’ for what will probably be a final battle between him and Aichi whatever the result of Ren vs Kai. As you saw Kai has no interest in Aichi even if he wins and Ren will probably be too tired to face Takuto if he wins.

Speaking of Ren duel, there goes my wish of having Kai as the main big villain for next season. If Kai wins here, then I don’t see how Aichi will win against Takuto having to deal with someone who doesn’t even view him as a threat and a reversed Ren. So if I’m going by that theory, Ren will win otherwise the world is doomed.

Although something in this episode changed my opinion a little, in that Kai’s gone back to Kagero. If you remember, Kai said he didn’t need Link Joker anymore after beating Aichi, and I’m wondering if that’s a sign of things to come. My new theory is that if he wins against Ren, he’ll ‘betray’ Takuto saying something like he doesn’t need him anymore as he’s surpassed Link Joker and is the strongest and take out Takuto himself in a plot twist. He’ll probably still be reversed but rather than it controlling him, he’ll have made the power his own like Ren making Psyqualia his own, and with that Kai will end up the main ‘villain’ of sorts for the next arc. I’m still a little hung up on my idea of Kai being the villain or main character of some sort for the next season. And Kai definitely seems the type to betray Takuto.

This also means that Kagero may make a comeback, and since I’m home for Chinese New Year I think I’ll pick up my Kagero cards in anticipation for their potential resurgence. Would probably need one more perfect guard though, have 2 at the moment. Would only take one or two cards to bring Kagero up to date with the meta. I think a break ride unit and another grade 3 to utilize that break ride would be enough to bring Kagero up to speed, ish. Though Kai’s still using Dragonic Overlord, but it’s alternate art at least! I had a look at upcoming packs and it looks like a Kai pack is coming out. That seems to be the Kagero resurgence if there is to be one. I also saw a grade 4 in that pack, it’s pretty op and I wonder if it’s going to be legal, or it’s going to be like the other grade 4s, only available for use for a certain period and probably not available for tournament play. Transcendence Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Vague if you’re wondering which card. But perhaps that’s the direction they want the game to go next, grade 4, a big game changer. I’m very interested in seeing how this plays out, after toying with grade 4s for so long but never committing, will they finally commit to this game changing move now?