For no apparent reason an old ish anime song was stuck in my head all through this week, though I’m not complaining, helped me get through the two days at work much faster and was fun for my three day holiday. The funny thing is that I only remembered half a line from the song and completely forgot the name of the anime it came from. Though luckily the line was part of the chorus and quite a unique one too so was easy enough to find the name of the song and anime attached. A light novel turned anime from 2009 where there were isolated mobile cities called Regios involved. Guessed it by now? It’ s ‘Brave Your Truth’ by Daisy x Daisy, OP theme for Chrome Shelled Regios.

Haven’t heard this song in literally years, no idea why it popped into my mind now, but whatever, gave me a fun week.

Anyways, I’m writing this in the early morning after returning from my small holiday for Chinese New Year, but the celebrations for that are just getting started. Sorta anyway, some big celebrations in London Chinatown later so I’m heading down for some fun. If you didn’t know, there’s a big parade at 10, and then some performances at Trafalgar Square at 12. So if you’re a Londoner too and have some free time, head down for some fun! Or at least have a look around, I assure you it’ll be worth your time, even if it’s just for a little bit. Though, I may be slightly biased being Chinese… but whatever, it’ll be fun, hopefully.