Those With and Those Without

Key Events

A new request for Nice and Murasaki want them to investigate Facultas Academy, the place where potential Minimum Holders are raised from birth. Those that succeed become exceptional and are offered high ranking jobs in government or large corporations. The request is to investigate if there are any scandals.

Thinking how unfairly Minimum Holders are treated, the people requesting the job, the ‘Association for the Health, Protection and Equality of Youths’, want to take this information public. But since high ranking government officials created the academy, any attempt to publicize the information would be crushed. However if there was some large scandal, that’d be different. They offer a million yen payment in advance and unfortunately for the broke Nice, he has to accept.

We are told that apparently Murasaki finished the academy with the second highest ever score and the top scorer has an ability that was too removed from everyone else so his existence was classified.

Art visits Moral, someone he suspects to be involved with the recently innate Minimum holder case as a lot of Nemcrois, a drug that makes non-minimum into holders, was supplied to him. But Moral starts spouting his nonsensical ideals, however elsewhere during a talk by the ‘Association for the Health, Protection and Equality of Youths’, a monster comes out of the sewers, so Art takes his leave.

This monster seems to be the son of someone from the Association. Moral calls Art about a boy coming to him to ask for power as he had none. Moral obliged but since the boy didn’t have the aptitude to be a Minimum Holder in the slightest, he was instead turned into a monster.

Nice gets on the monster and quickly takes him out.

We find out why Moral is doing this, to surpass Nice, who is the classified top graduate of Facultas. And also he is the culprit behind all the serial killings of Minimum Holders. He burns down his building and makes a run for it before the police can get to him.


Interestingly minimum holders are a ‘normal’ thing that everyone knows about and accepts. Although in a modern world with the ideals of equality, it does sound unfair that the Minimum Holders are automatically successful because of their gifts. However I see no difference between that and people born with talent in the real world. If anything the talented in this world are less fair as they probably didn’t have to work as hard as the Minimum Holders did in that academy. That said I’m not trying to generalize here, I don’t know anything, this is purely assumption. But from what I know their intelligence and skill are more easily nurtured than others. The point I want to make is that I believe equality is a dream that will take a very long time to be realized, and even then it’ll depend on what you mean by equality. If you’re thinking something on the lines of everyone should be treated the same, then with the current state of a hierarchical society, that’s going to be very difficult when you still have the phrases ‘working class’, ‘middle class’ etc. If you’re thinking about similar pay levels, then think to yourself should doctors who can save lives really be paid the same as a bin man who may have never bothered to do anything in their life? This reminds me of Devil Survivor 2 the Animation, where for some reason a meritocracy was frowned upon. That is pretty much what we currently have, or are moving towards in some instances. And I think that’s the best way to go, those who want to achieve should be able to, those who don’t make an effort will feel that laziness bite them back.

I’m rather surprised to find that the top graduate was Nice, would explain why he’s working with Murasaki. But I thought it’d be Art, I thought he was hiding his abilities. Whilst moving at the speed of sound is a powerful ability, I thought it was too straightforward to be to ‘removed’ from the others.

I laughed at the mention of restricting sexual references in anime/manga. I’m pretty sure some government official tried that last year or the year before in Tokyo and failed miserably. Or perhaps that was a reference to that.

I like Moral, in that I think he’s an interesting guy who I’d enjoy a chat with if we were to meet in real life. His idea that murder being a crime because not everyone is ‘strong’ enough to do it so its enviable for others was interesting. This whole the strong can kill was a ludicrous idea, I don’t think he gets how society works. I don’t believe this is a question of strength, I believe it’s a question of if you want to stay in society or not. Rousseau’s social contract had some truths in it and I agree that everyone is ‘tied’ down by society. Rousseau said that the individual has consented either explicitly or tacitly to surrender some of their freedoms and submitted to the power of the state in exchange for protection of their remaining rights. I like that as an explanation of how people currently work in society, I don’t necessarily completely agree with it. So with that explanation in mind, I don’t believe those who break the laws of the state are stronger, they’re merely the minority that choose not to live in society, in turn they either leave society or are removed, e.g. locked up.

I do love an anime about modern life with a twist. And love it more when they start talking about equality and other philosophical topics as their world is similar to ours. But with the added people with abilities, the balance of power changes in an interesting manner enough to spark these type of debates. Or that might be just me looking for these types of things so I can talk about them. Either way this topic was an interesting one.

On the episode itself, I didn’t expect them to release so much information about the big plot, or what I assume to be the big plot. So I’m rather surprised by that. But perhaps that just means it’s a short arc or they’ll pan it out in a way so we don’t hear from Moral for a while and then he’ll appear in a ‘big way’ at some later date and link together cases between here and then, like how I want the anime to go. But I’ll be honest, I enjoyed this episode either way, Moral made this episode fun for me. And I think he’s quite a fun villain, with some messed up ideals. I want to hear more from him and see what else he has to say.