I at least put some thought into this one, and didn’t just hit “shuffle”…

…I hit “shuffle” on a list of Bleach themes.

It’s Bleach’s fourth opening, the first opening of the Bount filler arc. The Bount arc was pretty underwhelming, though acceptable for a piece of filler, but it was again the music that made it memorable to me.

Case in point: thinking of tags for this post was difficult as I couldn’t remember half the Bount in the series. But I remember the opening animations for them in the “villain rollcall” part of the video. Because it’s catchy.

So, again, not much to say about this SOTW, but this is my only day off for five days, so I don’t need to say much.


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Expect more easy themes to come, as I’m pretty much booked for working weekends over the next few weeks.