I’ve been falling behind on this season’s anime whilst catching up on Conan, so it’s not surprising for me that this is another Conan song. Since the last time I did an SOTW, I’ve been marathoning it whenever I could and now I’m at episode 705. I’ve been leaving the OP and ED to play every episode so might’ve been easier for me to take a liking to some of them. Since I’ve done 2 OPs so far, I thought it’s only fair I do an ED seeing as I’m actually listening to them here. So here’s one I quite liked, the 44th Conan ED, Koi ni Koishite by Mai Kuraki, also seems oddly fitting for Valentine’s day two days ago.

I’ve just had a very busy week, getting back home for around 7 pretty much everyday, doing overtime and still trying to look for new places to live. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it but my current rent contract runs out soon and I need somewhere new to go. Although I suppose with work, everyday’s very busy. But it got much more so last week. May let up a bit next week to give myself some more time to blog and stuff, but yeah, as you can expect it’s quite easy to fall behind nowadays. Though I always try my best, but life and work comes first now. That’s my update in any case. Next blog should be up very soon, spending some of my time today to get at least one or two done. And if the week’s not as busy, then more in the week hopefully.