Perfect Black Ring

Key Events

Aichi’s injuries are taking its toll on him, but he still continues strong in his duel, determined to win. Takuto however is able to ride Glendios and starts to lock Aichi’s cards forever.

With normal Takuto’s power, whenever Void Takuto deals damage to Aichi, he feels it in his flesh as well.

Void Takuto tries to play mind games by saying that removing people’s reversals would strip them of power they could never hope to gain. And also that if he wins, Kourin’s memory would be wiped.

Meanwhile on the duel front, although Aichi only played 4 rear guards, Takuto uses a unit’s skill to forcefully play the top card of his deck on the field in a locked state achieving the conditions for Glendios’ ultimate break.

With that, a huge menacing dragon with a scythe Link Joker unit descendants from the black ring above them.


So, my predication of a betrayal is looked into here. Looks like I wasn’t just talking nonsense after all. This gives me hope of my ‘ideal’ end to this arc will happen, the one where Aichi loses and Kai will face Takuto, takes over as the main villain going forward into the next season. Though with my predicting it, perhaps it was quite obvious from the way everything was going, however I’d point it more to how well they’ve developed Kai as a character, because it made me think, that’s so like Kai, who cares about anything else as long as I can be more powerful. He’ll submit to Void any day if it means becoming the strongest, and after that he’ll discard Void having squeezed it dry of power. Just the Kai I wanted to see, no one uses him and gets away with it. Though I must say now it’s still probably an unlikely event. However Kai’s power seeking nature does not change.

Glendios played again, and we have its official effects, which as expected is not the same as anime. Locking a unit infinitely was too OP, only locking it for 1 turn more by discarding a Reverse card is alright. Because it would make a deck way too unbalanced to include enough cards to repeatedly keep 5 of your opponent’s card locked. Doable definitely, especially with new cards released locking the next card in your opponent’s deck, if that is its ability, haven’t looked. Though it does look the card will be balanced at this stage, as long as Lock doesn’t become much easier as Link Joker expands. If you eliminate the need of Reverse cards to fully pull off the insta win, then it’ll be unbalanced.

And speaking of the insta win, if you’re wondering why it’s not being done yet it’s because it only happens at the start of the main phase of Takuto’s turn. That’s the card effect in any case making it even more balanced and hard to use. But in either case Takuto’s just milking it as much as possible before Aichi’s too brainwashed to feel despair anyway. At this moment, I’m not too bothered if Aichi pulls through or not because Kai’s there to finish the job if Aichi loses. So, a part of me wants Aichi to lose.

But anyway whatever happens, go Kai and the new Kagero! Whether Takuto loses or not, he’ll look like to carry on Link joker’s ‘legacy’ as they seem to have ‘chosen’ him, irony huh… either way Takuto is obviously too weak. This probably won’t happen, but I would like that scythe wielding Link Joker unit that appeared is here to take Takuto away and give Kai the crown to the new world. He will lead everyone into a new era of strength. Yeah I like Kai, if you haven’t noticed, or at least I like him as a villain. So, never thought I’d say this, but lose faster Aichi, Takuto vs Kai is the duel to see, if it happens.