World End

Key Events

Link Joker units start to arrive through all of the gates around the world but hope is not lost as no one gives up the fight. Seeing this gives Aichi the strength to stand up strong again.

Aichi rides Liberator, Monarch Sanctuary Alfred and uses its Limit Break to unlock all 5 of his units, return them to his deck and call out 5 other rear guards. With a final attack that Takuto is unable to guard, Aichi wins.

Void Takuto tries to take Aichi with him, but normal Takuto, having been set free, holds Void Takuto and drags him away bidding farewell to everyone and setting Kourin, Rekka and Suiko free.

Now with that out of the way, only Kai remains as the final Reverse fighter.


Reading ahead on card effects gives quite big spoilers. I knew Aichi would win this because I read new Alfred’s effect. Not that I mind spoilers much, but let that be a warning to anyone who doesn’t want spoilers, don’t read ahead on the main cards used. I didn’t say anything in the last blog so to avoid spoilers, though if you follow vanguard as closely as I do, you may not care for spoilers and knew as well.

Shame Kai didn’t face Takuto, the hero had to win here. I thought it’d be a straight forward storyline if Kai did duel and beat Takuto, he goes away after becoming the strongest and he’ll then be the person to beat. Though I suppose the complication would be that Void wouldn’t be destroyed because Kai is still reversed so he would continue reversing people if he dueled. Assuming he wins, which he will. The solution to that would be to have him not duel and in all fairness he’s made it quite clear he’ll only face the strong anyway, so that’s easily his excuse for not dueling. So it’ll just be a repeat of this season except Kai replaces Takuto. Maybe that wouldn’t be as interesting. Ah well…

But in any case, Void was defeated, the only reverse fighter left is Kai who still has his powers very likely because he chose it and it wasn’t forced upon him. After seeing Aichi’s development, he is willing to duel him again. But with Aichi on his last legs, it’s not really fair, though I suppose Kai did take some ‘damage’ against Ren. Though Kai looks healthier than Aichi, probably because Kai’s better at hiding pain.

With this next duel we’ve gone full circle. It’s back to the very start, Kai vs Aichi, Kagero vs Paladin, not the same Paladin, but similar. If there wasn’t any pressure on the duel, it’d probably be a duel for old times’ sake. Wonder if they’ll smother the episode with flashbacks, or it could just be a straight out duel.

Kai could still win this, I expect Aichi to because otherwise we’re back to him being reversed again. However I’m thinking with Void gone, perhaps he won’t be reversed if he loses. I don’t think Ren’s reversed anymore, all that was sucked away with Takuto. So yeah, I think this match is more open than you realise. In which case I’m betting on Kai. Only because that’s the storyline I’ve been wanting for a few months now. Perhaps it could even end as a draw as the black ring above them collapses, it’s not impossible.

Speaking of Takuto, that brings me to another point. Who’s gonna be the good guy in the next season? The guy organizing the tournaments, and scratch that, who’s gonna be the villain as well? Throughout all three seasons so far it’s been Void as the overall villain and Takuto as the overall good guy. With them both sucked away, will we see a completely new start in the next season? Or will we see Void return yet again somehow? I want something new. Big worldwide tournaments again. With Vanguard being ‘the’ game to play, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before another organisation seizes this lucrative opportunity and host their own tournament.

I believe the only lock counters I’ve seen so far are gold paladins. Meaning every other clan will ‘struggle’ somewhat against Link Joker, but so far locking isn’t that overwhelming as far as I can see. Cards like Glendios will not be as broke as the anime effect. I’ll probably change my mind when the new pack comes out in the UK, Binging Force of the Black Rings, and I face a Link Joker deck myself. It’ll be a while before insta win hits the UK, so I’ll let you know how that is if I ever face one myself.