The intersecting Path

Key Events

Ren wakes up, but retreats knowing he can’t interfere with Aichi and Kai’s match. Everyone else retreats as well seeing that the building looks likely to fall.

Aichi’s path to become strong has led him here, and so has Kai’s, now that their paths cross yet again. Kai wants to see who’s path was correct before his power with Void fades away.

Realising now that everything Kai’s done so far was of his own freewill, Aichi is determined to show him that it was the wrong path to take. Kai admits to his faults but also admits that he would never change his path to reach the power he seeks.

Kai also says that after this fight, he will disappear from Aichi’s life.


So Kai doesn’t keep his powers, he’s just reluctant to let them go. Holding onto them against that massive vacuum cleaner must be pretty difficult, shows how strong Kai’s will is. Although with Kai seemingly going to disappear at the end of this season, next season could still be a Kai focused season, the search for Kai. Perhaps after hearing legends of a great fighter, Aichi goes on the hunt into the world meeting various strong fighters along the way etc. But after all this time, I can’t remember why I wanted next season to be about Kai so much. Maybe I was just too focused on the goal and didn’t realize what was the reason for it. Well whatever, I’ve gotten this far, I may as well follow my ideas to the end, so go away Kai, we need to search for you next season…

I wonder if it’s just my eyesight that sucks badly, how can everyone see what’s going on with Kai vs Aichi from down there. Even with binoculars I’d struggle at that distance. But what I don’t understand more than all of them having 20/20 vision, is why all of them escaped the building. There are two implications here; one, that they have faith that Aichi and Kai will get out of the collapsing building in time, and two, they’ve left them to their graves knowing it’s too late to save them and there’s nothing any of them can do to stop them. If I’m honest, I like the latter more, but it’s probably the former. That might be harsh, but either way, they’ll both survive, and probably fly off the building, in a good way, to land safely.

I liked how they had Nehalem vs Blaster Blade, I suppose they had to have that, purely for old times’ sake. Plus it was the time when they didn’t ride to grade 3. I was kinda hoping that Kai would ride to grade 4 now as this seemed like a good time reminding Aichi that he didn’t know about grade 3 back then. But I suppose that’s probably saved for the next season. I was also wondering if they’d drag out the episode enough to end it as Nehalem vs Blaster Blade, but seems not. However they did end it at a grade 3 ride as you would expect. I felt they might’ve stopped at Blaster Blade vs Dragonic Overlord, avatar vs avatar sorta thing. But nope, they wanted something more ‘powerful’ so to speak. I think they had more than enough flashbacks to fill the episode, however I suppose I’m glad they didn’t load it with as many flashbacks as I thought they would. It definitely felt dragged out enough.

But anyways, I lost track of what I was talking about and started rambling on, so apologies for that. Whatever the case though, it was a dragged out episode filled with flashbacks, a lot of chitchat and a duel that I feel hasn’t even got to the halfway point yet.