Prophet’s Torment

Key Events

An illustrator, Chiyuu, has just teamed up with a Hollywood director, Maykid. However Chiyuu is kidnapped and the demand is the cancellation of the new film that the collaboration will produce.

Ratio’s job is actually a doctor his Minimum can pinpoint someone’s problem without any medical knowledge. Later, Ratio and Birthday are requested by Chiyuu’s manager to help her as she knows them friends. The odd thing about the kidnapping is that Chiyuu doesn’t want anyone to go to the police, protecting the kidnapper in a way.

Elsewhere a Facultas graduate who works at an insurance company has been killed and his brain removed. Art takes a break from the stress and Gasquet takes over the case.

Ratio and Birthday go to the runner up of the collaboration competition with Maykid as they suspect her to be the one to have kidnapped Chiyuu. They’re also friends with Chiyuu so she may want to protect her too.

A top artist, Torao comes asking Hamatora for help, and it looks like Nice is a big fan.

Whilst Ratio and Birthday are keeping an eye on Chiyuu’s rival/friend, Birthday is lured out and taken hostage. To free him Ratio needs to bring the rival to a designated location. However that location is a trap. The kidnapper has tipped the police off that the rival’s been kidnapped so if Ratio brings her he’ll be accused of as a kidnapper teaming with Chiyuu to destroy her rival, who’ll be there. When that’s publicized, Chiyuu will be a criminal and so her collaboration plans will be cancelled. Seems in the end, Ratio and Birthday were hired to ‘kidnap’ the rival.

A bit of backstory to Ratio is revealed. With his Minimum he was also able to see when people will die, so others became afraid of him and he became an outcast. Birthday confronted him and at the time he had an incurable disease and was probably going to die. Therefore Ratio told him that he’d die as he saw the largest death presence on him. However Birthday refuses and his will to live gave him a miracle to survive his disease thereby defying Ratio’s ‘prophecy’. His disease still remains and could come back at any moment, but he still refuses to die to stop Ratio’s ‘prophecy’ from ever coming true.

With Birthday’s electric powers he sends a lightning bolt to the sky and Ratio manages to locate him and finds out the true culprit to be Chiyuu’s manager. His logic is that Chiyuu’s work doesn’t sell as much so the rival’s work is therefore better.

The manager’s Minimum is to harden his body rendering attacks useless. However a thunderpunch works. As he makes his getaway on a motorboat, Nice and Murasaki show up to catch him and complete their job with Torao.

The manager was not born with his Minimum, he obtained it. And it seems Nice knows about Moral and has finally come to Art to ask for more information.

Meanwhile, Moral has disguised himself as the scientist that Gasquet killed and entered the research facilities.


There’s always a reason for someone’s madness and there’s a reason for Gasquet’s murder as well, so Moral can disguise himself as the scientist and sneak into the labs. Now it makes more sense as I’m sure there must be tonnes of information he wants, or he can slowly take them down from within now that he as a foothold in the door. This of course also implies that Gasquet and Moral are working together. So he probably doesn’t need to destroy them from within as he has an agent within. What I’m wondering now is what his minimum is. I don’t think they’ve mentioned it and I think it’s something to copy a person’s appearance. More specifically a dead person who he has ‘access’ to, if he can just copy anyone he wouldn’t need to run away from the police, he’d just do a Kaitou kid and mix in with everyone. But either way, the plot’s getting more interesting with everything setting up in the background, I think we’re in for Moral’s next big plan soon.

I think Art’s scared of telling Nice about Moral because maybe he believes the two are too similar and Nice may somehow defect. Either that or he’ll rush out recklessly and get himself hurt, or killed. The latter’s probably more likely seeing as Moral’s already said he just wants to beat him, teaming up would be the complete opposite. Again, I’m still very interested in the history that the two had together.

The bar manager isn’t grinding coffee! The world is going to end! I can’t believe he’s actually selling drinks, well I guess he needs to keep his business going somehow. But the more surprising thing is that I don’t see the machine anywhere. It’s a miracle! Or a huge disaster.

Ratio’s backstory reminds me of that anime where a girl could read minds and from a young age started blurting out everything without knowing if she should have or not. Then she meets this guy who’s mind is a bit strange and that starts a fun romcom. Can’t remember the name of it, I’m basically saying it’s pretty cliché. Nice and Murasaki show up at the end to clean up, more implications there that they’re the main characters.

Well this case wasn’t as fun as the last one, but still good with its twists and turns and we got character backgrounds! That’s always good, I’m all for character development as the cast has settled down and the screen time is definitely becoming more evenly spread. Slowly advancing the big plot in the background and still no ‘big’ cases yet.

I do again feel that the episodic cases are quite cluttered with the amount of things going on, but that’s not a bad point as you don’t lose interest because there’s always something going on. You always need to be paying attention as every detail is important and that’s a sign of a good anime. Like noticing why Ratio asked Birthday about his check-up in the opening minutes, that of course relates to his disease which you find out later.

I suppose at the moment it feels right with the amount of content that’s in one episode, but perhaps a bit more detail and spreading over 2 episodes would work better? Alright I did say I’d stop… thought I’d slyly sneak that in… but I’ll give in on this one as I like it the way it is and trying a two episode arc now may be risky. Although I’m sure the anime will do it well. As long as the cases don’t get dull, it’s fine, which is why you see a lot of text in my summary, because it’s very hard to sum up something with so much detail.