The Connected

Key Events

Aichi still tries to make Kai rethink about disappearing with endless amounts of friendship talk that’ll make Yugi look like he doesn’t have friends.

He does get through to Kai, but the fight continues to see who’s better. Kai declares final turn on his turn with damage at 5 apiece. However Aichi survives with two perfect guards.

Using Alfred’s spamming ability Aichi repopulates his field for the finish with Blaster Blade taking their rivalry full circle and starting anew.


Overlord Rebirth’s effect isn’t that bad. You need 1 counterblast to lock however many units you choose, so if you want to gain his re-stand ability, you just counterblast 1, and I suppose this could play to a counter to Link Joker as they’d help you in getting 5 locks. Even still though, I’m not sure a 10k power boost and a low cost re-stand ability is worth it. Low cost as it’s only discarding 2 cards to restand, better than the current ones like Dauntless Drive and Descendant which require 3. So you basically gain an extra attack at no cost as you drive check for the 2 cards. But do remember that the prerequisite is ‘sacrificing’ all your units, so in essence you lose 2 other attacks and a more spread out use of triggers for two vanguard attacks. Depending on the situation it’s definitely worth it, but I don’t think it’s that useful for a spamming ability. Though I guess with a crossride base of 13k, it will pack a punch regardless. So perhaps because of that, it’s better to just go for the double Vanguard attack than 3 attacks as you can theoretically reach 43k power if all 4 cards are triggers which would mean forcing perfect guards and you opponent will run out very quickly. Definitely a card that will see a lot of use, but people will probably play it in different ways. You could run it with Dauntless for example. Certainly one of the best ‘Re’ cards I think.

Another helping of flashbacks for the main rivalry. Again, nothing unexpected and it wasn’t a lot. The whole friendship speech was a lot though, it was like watching Yu-Gi-Oh again and listening to Yugi’s constant friendship rant. Oh well, it worked, which was surprising, where did Kai’s stubbornness and cold-heartedness go…? Up in smoke with the void by the looks of it. After sorting that problem out, Aichi targeted his next problem, to see if he can be the strongest in the world. Now that’s a big character development in my view, a big change from the indecisive reserved Aichi to someone who’s now also looking up and wanting to be the very best, like no one ever was… sorry had to sneak that one in…

Y’know, took me a while, but I just realised how much the Vanguard meta’s changed over the years. But in actual fact, it’s gone back to the beginning in a way. At the start Overlord’s restanding was amazing and now, restanding is the meta again. I’m not surprised to be honest, any extra attack gives a lot, and these ones come from the Vanguard.

How quaint that Kai is thwarted by Blaster Blade yet again. It of course had to be him for it to mean something, I think even Kai knew that. We’ve now truly come full circle.

Some minor points that I think deserve a ‘glance’ mention. Firstly, it seems Aichi’s gained superhuman powers, he got down from that building unscathed too easily. Also the building didn’t collapse, those guys could’ve watched from up-close, but I guess they wouldn’t have known that.

So, what happened to Kourin then, apart from letting her hair down? Did she forget everything? Ultra rare looks to be still performing and going strong at the end, so they must remember something… either that or they’re just going along with it… this is definitely a funny one and I’m quite interested in how it ended. I don’t believe they all forgot, otherwise it would be very difficult to continue on. I’ll wait and see on this.

Lastly, is this the season’s end? I think if anyone say this episode they’d easily say that it’s the end of something. But this season has a few weeks left still. However I just had a look at the schedule for episodes and can confirm that this season has indeed ended and next season starts on the next episode.

Like I said before I’m very interested to see what villain will come up now with Void hopefully gone forever this time. So, a new season, a new start and perhaps a new villain which means new characters. Wonder if they’ll get to the high school championships this time round. With the title of the world strongest yet again, let’s see how a more resolute Aichi deals with the next enemy.

And of course I’m looking forward to any new mechanics in the Vanguard world or new clans. I still love this game and it’s pretty much my main TCG now having backed out of Yu-Gi-Oh. So I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Grade 4 is definitely a start, if they’ve decided to go with it, how long will it be before they roll it out properly in the new season?