Black Cosmos

Key Events

Chiyuu’s manager tells them the story of how he came across the person online who gave him his minimum. They knew his name and gave him instructions. He was drugged at a karaoke bar and when he woke up, he had his Minimum.

Nice figured out it could’ve been Moral because he used to be a researcher of Minimum, he  then gambled and said the name to see Art’s reaction to confirm his suspicions. Art however can’t reveal more, but has to rush off immediately as a top secret Minimum holder’s brain was been stolen by Moral, who called it the forbidden minimum. The Minimum is so top secret that even Art doesn’t know what it does. Nice offers some sound advice to track Moral, but Art refuses him to partake in the case.

It seems that everyone here who knows each other entered Facultas academy at different times. Birthday quit midway due to his condition and Ratio followed. A few years after that, Nice also quit for an unknown reason. Only Honey and Art stayed long enough to graduate.

Art never realised his Minimum, but he never gave up. So he’s the only person to have graduated Facultas without realising his minimum.

Murasaki and Nice’s next case is investigating a guy who’s been having sexual relationships with several online idols. The client is their fans who are part of a victims association and want the guy to issue an apology. It’s no surprise the guy refuses to apologise and walks away.

Art revisits the burnt down mansion that Moral used and found that some flowers were freshly cut. He rushes to the graveyard to see Moral holding a bouquet of flowers for a grave. Art brandishes a gun forcing Moral to surrender, but Moral talks of him bringing equality by giving others power. And also, he admits that he wanted the forbidden Minimum, but only to save Nice from solitude. Though the solitude he talks about is the solitude of being at the top. Moral reveals his ability to change appearances by changing into Gasquet. Art opens fire but Moral’s too fast and Art is shot dead first.


That was unexpected, Art’s dead already. I thought there’d be some sort of dramatic saving scene where Nice comes in to force Moral into retreat. But nope, Art’s dead, shot repeatedly to make sure he’s dead. It would explain the very heavy backstory oriented episode, best to show backstory before they die, adds that extra effect of finally understanding the guy, then he’s brutally murdered. Although because of that ‘sacrifice’ we as the audience learnt a bit more about Moral’s goals. Still unclear to me. At first I thought it was a rivalry thing about beating Nice, but then he starts talking about how he wants to save Nice from solitude, though it sounds more like an excuse for obtaining power and to take the top spot for himself. He wants the isolation at the top.

I don’t know if he used that godlike Minimum, but with this powers already, he’s certainly a force to be reckoned with. Not because he’s ‘powerful’, but because of how much ‘utility’, so to speak his abilities give. If he wants to kill any of Hamatora, all he needs to do is change into Gasquet and backstab them. Though perhaps it’s not his style to kill like that, however he does have the power to. Tactics will triumph over brawns any day.

Keeping on the topic of his ability, I still can’t quite tell what it is. My last guess was the ability to change into the appearance of someone who’s dead and he has ‘access’ to. Gasquet could’ve been dead ages ago and Moral killed him, that would explain that. If that is the case, then he will now have ‘access’ to Art. This will obviously make his next infiltration mission much easier. If I’m right, then it’s game over for Nice and gang, no one would ever suspect Art to backstab you. But again, that may not be his style, and we’ll definitely see the Minimum he obtained, so in all likelihood, he won’t do it the sneaky way.

As protective as Art wants to be, he really should get Nice’s help. He may just look like a kid, but he’s definitely smarter than anyone there, hmm that description reminds me of another character I know quite well too, hmmm…

As mentioned earlier, more backstory to Hamatora’s group this episode. The crucial backstory in my view is Nice and the main question is why did he leave? It must relate to Moral somehow I think as at the time Moral was a researcher and Nice was a student. But I don’t think they should’ve had any contact. However Moral seems to know Nice, so that implies they must’ve had some sort of interaction, and we also know that Nice left, from that I think we can assume that the reason was to do with Moral. It can’t be confirmed though due to the fact that Moral has only spoken very generally about Nice, all that he knows about Nice could easily be obtained from his status as a researcher. So it’s still up in the air whether or not they’ve had contact.

But still, with how everything interlinks, I believe it’s safe to say that they must’ve had some sort of a run in during their time at Facultas and that resulted in Nice’s departure and Moral’s interest in him.

Also, I think this is the first time that the client case going on didn’t have anything to do with anything. Nice ‘solved’ it and that was that, I saw no purpose for it. Perhaps this case will overflow into next episode for something bigger. Then again, the case didn’t really have any sort of mystery going for it. It was a typical jealousy for purist idol fans sorta thing. Although he did nothing wrong, he probably used a minimum to get with those girls. In my view, it was probably a ‘filler’ of sorts that gave an excuse to return to Nice and match up his emotions with what was going on between Moral and Art.

With everything done so far, all eyes should now be on Moral. He has his biggest opponent’s out of the way and positioned himself in the best place to push forward his plans. What is his next move?