The Missing Leader

Key Events

The same introduction about the popularity of card games is talked through by Kai. But everything’s not right as no one remembers Aichi apart from Kai. The cardfight club doesn’t exist at Miyaji. But when Kai visits the club room, a Royal Paladin deck appears and Kai takes it, it includes a Blaster Blade.

Ishida is curious that Kai’s in another school’s uniform and calls him out on it. He doesn’t remember Vanguard. However the deck that Kai had made Ishida feel something, so he follows Kai and duels him.

During the duel, Kai goes through some basic rules but when he rides Blaster Blade, he manages to spark Ishida’s memory and he remembers everything.

Kai next challenges Misaki, hoping he can do the same for her.

At the end we see Aichi sitting atop a throne of sorts, alone.


Well, where do I start, I have so many small points to say, so I’ll get through them one at a time then.

I had a ‘bad’ feeling that Aichi wasn’t going to be involved in this season much from the opening theme. OPs spoil so much, I’m sure you all can relate to that. And surprise surprise, Aichi’s in trouble having had no ‘meaningful’ appearance in the opening theme, like not showing up in that group of protagonists. And the main clue was obviously the fact that Aichi vanished from the photos with everyone else in it.

My prediction of Kai going missing was ‘Reversed’ then. It’s not Kai who’s gone AWOL, it’s Aichi. Not sure how I feel about that. I’m pretty sure at one point last season I really wanted Kai to be the main character, but then at some point I changed and I wanted Kai to go MIA and for this season to be a ‘hunt’ for Kai. Hence why I’m a little mixed on this. I guess it’ll depend on how the story goes. The cast-wide amnesia makes things more interesting. Either that or it’s just a good excuse to reintroduce the rules of vanguard by reminding people like previous newcomer Ishida, of Aichi, and of Vanguard. Though I do hope it’s got more story value than that.

One very small point, the ending where Aichi’s sitting on that throne alone reminds me of FFXIII when Lightning sits on that throne alone. Definitely hope it’s not a similar story, as that’d be too cliché, though that said TCG anime tend not to have great storylines most of the time anyway.

So by the looks of things Legion Mate isn’t a clan. The latter part seems to be English in any case, which sounds so funny when they say it. I would honestly prefer them saying nakama, but hey, it’s all in good fun.

With Aichi ‘gone’ will Komoi still be the fanboy as before? More importantly, what’ll be his reaction when he remembers Aichi? I’m sure it’ll be funny to watch.

Also, I’m pretty sure the ‘standard’ introduction of the Vanguard world hasn’t changed one bit. Not that it does anything, just pointing it out.

With everyone’s amnesia, I’m still wondering what’s happened to Kourin. I thought it’d be Kourin if anyone that would lose her memory however she seems to have disappeared as well. There was that short ‘screen time’ for Ultra Rare and Kourin wasn’t there. Did she disappear? Or has she forgotten so much that she doesn’t remember being part of them? Or perhaps she does remember Aichi and has found out that no one else does before Kai and is now on her own journey to try and find him?

I have to say, Kai’s taken a drastic change from his usual personality. He’s even taken control of Blaster Blade and started talking about ‘mates’, soon he’ll start spouting friendships speeches, that would be very unbecoming of him. I don’t like him this way, he was best served cold. But maybe he’ll grow on me.

Early days for now anyway, those are just some random first impressions, I guess I’ll know if I like this more when they get into the series. Would depend on a lot of things, but if you ask what I would like to see the most, it’d be a new game mechanic, grade 4 would suffice. But perhaps it’s something else involving putting two cards side by side of each other? Just an inkling, near the end of the OP, Blaster Blade and that new grade 3 dragon were placed side by side and a symbol showed up. Could that be some sort of new mechanic? Probably not, but I called it just in case it’s something!