Little Beauty and the Beast

Key Events

The Minimum Agency issues out a reminder notice regarding Minimum usage in public to all Minimum users.

Moral makes changes to the serial murder case and remove Three and Honey so that they are on standby until further notice. He also takes them off the Moral case disguising it as safety purposes.

Honey is with the rest of Hamatora whilst Three visits an orphanage. Three wakes up from a nightmare of the past when he was part of a mercenary unit. Meanwhile, Nice figures something out and is getting closer to Moral.

It’s ‘confirmed’ in the news that Three used to be part of a mercenary group in the middle east and he runs the orphanage he visits. At Hamatora, a new client comes by asking to investigate Three and his ‘dodgy rumours’, like running the orphanage for aid money and barely looking after the children. Nice decides to take the job.

From the information broker they find out that Three only has war orphans in his orphanage and that he takes the children of those he had killed there.

Now with a crowd surrounding the orphanage, Ratio and Birthday ‘sneak’ into the orphanage by delivering fruits, and Honey, hidden in the fruits.

Nice gathers that the orphanage isn’t Three’s way of repenting, in fact, Three admits to Honey that it’s a place where he’s teaching those kids that it’s fine to exact vengeance. And when the day comes, they’ll know it’s Three who killed their families and thus he’s been training them for revenge to punish himself. After hearing this, Honey decides to raise those kids as well so as to change the view that Three’s planting in their heads.

Later that day, someone who idolized Three as a killing machine attacks the orphanage wanting Three to turn back to his old ways. Murasaki and Nice appear and although they manage to beat the enemies, the orphanage is set alight. Three comes to his senses, chucks the guy he could’ve killed aside and activates his Minimum giving him super strength, to save the children.

Moral puts the next part of his plan into action as he unleashes a huge group of people onto the city all wearing a Black Cosmos.


More and more backstory creeping out, emotional ones too. I like it a lot, I liked this one especially as Three to me never seemed to be a complicated person. I always thought of him as a muscles for brains bodyguard for Honey. But no, it seems his history runs rather deep and he’s got a lot of emotional attachments he hides away. He’s sure got a weird way to think about his sins though. He’s practically grooming the children to be killers, to always seek revenge changing them into empty minded people chasing after an empty mission. Seems quite sad to me, for the children and for him to die like that. Luckily though it seems Honey has changed his mind and he will look after them right and I’m glad he didn’t follow his path down for more bloodshed. Imagine that, the children killing Three, who had raised them and engraved the reasons for killing in their head. I think no matter how mentally strong you are and no matter how much you want revenge, killing the person who saved and raised you is going to leave a scar that will never heal.

Slow and steady wins the race, and Moral’s definitely taking that route. He’s taking out anyone that can get in his way first, though I feel that taking Three and Honey out of the picture instantly is risky. If Nice is as clever as we think, he should notice that something could be up, especially as he’s unable to see Art as well. Not a definite clue, but suspicions raised. He may pick up that something’s going on. I also think Moral’s acted too hastily, if he truly wanted to hide everything he should’ve led Honey and Three on a case and then used his abilities to injure them ‘from the shadows’ so to speak, and then say they are removed to recover. Not killing them though as that’d spark anger, injury will cause concern for Three/Honey and slow anything else down, that would’ve been a better path I think.

Maybe we’ll see some big fights soon, as it is nearing the end of this what I believe to be 13 episode series. What does moral plan to do with all those people though? I’m assuming they’re all new minimum holders. Is he going to wreck havoc on the town? What will that achieve? Luring Nice out perhaps? Probably not as he’d do that himself, so I don’t get what his plan is. I can’t really think of anything he can accomplish by increasing the minimum holder population, unless it has something to do with the ‘God’ minimum. Perhaps it’s to absorb all other minimums around him and be able to use all their abilities. That sounds plausible or maybe an ability to bring back the dead? Would explain why that mass exodus at the end looked very ‘zombie’ like. And access to the morgue would be very helpful. Either way, I’m very curious as to what this almighty minimum is.

Another thing I’m wondering about is what that hacker have to do with this. This anime doesn’t share information for no reason, and since nothing happened with that hacker I can only assume that she’ll make an appearance in the episodes to come. My suggestion’s hacking into TV programs and broadcast something from Moral, like saying that he’ll take over the world…? Or a demand and call out Nice to challenge him? If he’s going for an all out approach this is certainly the way to go about it.

If those people are all minimum holders who weren’t originally, it then heavily hints that the brain surgeon was how Moral was implanting minimums into people. Either that or he was messing around with their brain which is why they all seem like zombies, if they’re not brought back from the dead.