March of the Weak

Key Events

Moral’s wave of new minimum holders revisit where their hatred lies and wreck havoc on the city. Now everyone’s aware of Minimum Holders due to leaks and even the registry for Facultas Academy is leaked which is a major issue as it lists everyone including past graduates and dropouts.

Nice decides to have Three on a leash like a pet as he thinks Three will cause panic otherwise. On their ‘walk’, they meet the purple Hulk from episode 3, aka Takahiro the son of Itou Shouko of the Association for Health, Protection and Equality of Youths, if you don’t remember.

Takahiro managed to escape as Moral’s men freed all the Minimum Holder prisoners and he’s seeking Hamatora’s help to return to normal. Nice refuses because he doesn’t understand as Takahiro wanted the power and now he wants to throw it away. However Murasaki and Hajime’s devise a diet to help Takahiro slim down from his monstrous size. Meanwhile a hate campaign for Minimum Holders have begun on a national scale, but some people are still on their side.

On the internet a lot of people are ridiculing Minimum Holders on chatrooms and forums etc, those who do have their addresses broadcasted underneath their comment. Minimum Holders then act and make them suffer. Everything goes according to Moral’s plan. He hopes that this will make more people desire power and he is more than willing to hand it to them. The hate for Minimum Holders continue to escalate and the Minimum Holder’s ‘resistance’ is also continuing to act causing fury from both sides.

Chiyuu’s injured as people find out she’s a Minimum Holder and the authorities take Three’s children.

Nice decides to meet Art whether he wants to or not. Moral decides that it’s time they met and leaves enough evidence so that Nice can find him. They meet at last on the rooftop of the police building.


Just to warn you, I’m a little tipsy whilst writing this, hard week at work so I needed something to take the edge off. I’ve always avoided writing whilst intoxicated, but this time I thought let’s give it a shot and see if I actually sound any different, so I’ll edit this when I’m sober and see the difference.

Anyways, let’s continue with my ramblings. So a diet for the big man, that’s an interesting idea, why didn’t the Hulk think of that, probably because it won’t work. Slim down perhaps, unlikely, however you haven’t considered the drastic skin colour change, I don’t think that’s something bleach will get out. It’ll hurt you a lot before it does anything.

You know what pisses me off? The hate. Why is there so much hate and fear for the unknown? Maybe I don’t need to ask that as the answer’s obvious, but still, hostility shouldn’t be automatically directed to what you don’t know. I know that’s how the human race developed due to danger but I’ve always at least tried to understand something before judging. Shame that’s not possible, your brain will make a judgmental decision for your regardless, that’s automatic.

In Hamatora’s Minimum Holder’s case it’s not even something completely unknown. The government is right to utilise the resources they have available. But they kept it quiet and riled up the public causing riots, panic and everything bad associated. Always happens when the government hides something. Not that it’s unexpected. Government never learn, still a long way away from transparency, even in the real world.

It’s all about the discrimination now, to those who are different. For those who do understand, it seems more jealousy than anything, and for those who don’t, it seems like genuine fear. Both are bad, but I suppose it’s not something that can be helped. Discrimination isn’t good, but killing those who do discriminate isn’t the right solution. I mean sure kill everyone or kill enough so that no one dares discriminate anymore, but control with fear is not a solution. We shouldn’t go back to war times where we kill those who don’t agree.

I wonder what Moral’s idea of equality is? He causing a lot of unrest and widening the rift between those with powers and those without. That’s more like what he’s been saying, to make those without powers realise how useless they are. They then may come to him to obtain Minimums so has one hence equality results from that. Quite a crude way to go about it.

In the end it all comes down to one side hating power and one side having no choice but to play with the cards they’re dealt with and having to live with it through no fault of their own. I see where Nice is coming from for not helping Takahiro. But that’ll be one person who’ll never discriminate and never make the same mistake again. I guess his feelings are very strong on this matter. Whatever happens, won’t be easy to solve, it’ll take many years for any nation to forget an event this big.

So I was right about the hacker girl. She definitely plays some big part in Moral’s plan. I think she’s probably the one who got all the details on Facultas academy, that’s her use, and of course sending out the addresses of everyone.

Also here’s an interesting thought, how did Nice get the highest marks if he dropped out?

I wonder why Moral decided it was time to meet up with Nice now. Perhaps because his plan is in action? Well I’m not complaining, I’m still looking forward to seeing his almighty minimum, it’d better be good. And another thing is we haven’t actually seen a ‘big’ fight. The animation quality has always been good up to this point so I’m also looking forward to a good fight if one happens, especially with Nice’s supersonic speed jumping around the place.

I’m starting to wonder what Moral hope to accomplish. I still don’t get his big plan, he sparked conflict, so does he want to see this world at war? I thought he wanted to face Nice or does he want his equality like I said earlier where everyone has a Minimum, but what does that achieve? For his experimental goals? Or to have control of everyone as they will ‘owe’ him. If that does happen he’ll have too much knowledge, so it’s a lot of power that he’ll hold, is that it? Well I guess I can’t put that pass him as he does want power.

Whatever the case, Nice will stop it. In what I hope will be an amazingly animated battle scene. So, let’s move onto the showdown of the series.

Well, after editing through that I realise I do ramble a lot more whilst under the influence of alcohol, you won’t see it as I deleted it, but yeah, I do talk a lot more… not necessarily a bad thing I have to say. At least I don’t say anything stupid.