Key Events

Kai plays Tokura and as the duel goes on Kai constantly hints towards Misaki’s first duel reminding her of Aichi.

Kai confirms that Misaki’s memories are still there and showcases the new game mechanic known as Legion calling out a Blaster Blade as a ‘Legion Mate’ to drag those memories back. She remembers Aichi and the three of them vow to find him.

Meanwhile, those who have captured Aichi discuss countermeasures to stop more people remembering him.


With Misaki dueling again, I was wondering if she might’ve switched back to Oracles, especially with the new Mystical Magus pack coming out next month. Though that said, that’s the English release, so it would’ve had its Japanese release a long time ago. Oh well, I wasn’t holding my breath. Still, the new Genesis looks really nice, and more likely than not I will be running them. Very much looking forward to having my first restand grade 3 unit. Minerva’s released in Brilliant strike, after Catastrophic Outbreak which is released in May. So perhaps a June release, but I wouldn’t mind a July release. Hopefully not August as I may not be in the UK for part of that month. I’ll update you on that some other time. But yes, as a ‘Misaki deck user’, I will run a Minerva deck in a few months. I literally have mained every Misaki deck, I’ve ran normal Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Goddess of Sun Amaterasu, Coco and now Artemis and Iwanagahime. I don’t think I’ll run Fortuna  properly but I do have one, so that counts. And next up is Minerva

New Mechanic and I called it! It was indeed that side by side thing in the opening, my inkling was correct. I need to read more into it, haven’t had much time yet as you would expect, but I get the gist of how it works. Two vanguards combine their power, I believe only during their turn, otherwise that’d be OP. I think it’s pretty interesting and not overwhelmingly OP, compared with a current ‘normal’ limit break’s power boost of 5k, it’s only 4k more. So when you look at it that way, it’s good, but not game breaking, which is good for progress. Like a limit break on an 11k is 16k, that’s not too different from 20k as most people play with 11k vanguards. I think it just more reinforces a meta where it’s no guard for opponent’s vanguard attack or perfect guard. I believe it also resembles something from Duel Masters, can’t remember the name though.

Only disappointing thing is no grade 4. Still leaves me hanging if they are going to reveal it or it’s still something they’re playing around with and not going to release fully. Also, a random thing, after hearing the fanfare for Royal Paladins for so long, I’ve started to really like it.

Anyways, with everyone still under the spell of a temporary amnesia, it looks like the first part of this series will probably be ‘reminding’ everyone important of Aichi. Then they have more heads to think about how to find Aichi, or where he might be.