4th birthday

Happy fourth birthday! Another year goes by and I feel evermore weary. But continue on I must so to work and exams I say bring it on!

Although it should be a time of celebration I am unfortunately rather depressed. Having moved into my new flat and been tolerant of many problems such as a lack of hot water at times, bad internet, a lack of curtains, etc, one thing just happened that I can’t deal with. Basically the toaster tripped the breaker yesterday whilst I was in the middle of playing Atelier Meruru, and I don’t know if you know PS3s, but when that happened off went the electricity and poof went my save file. So yeah, 20+ hours down the drain and after my initial rage I just felt depressed. Sadly I can’t cheer myself up enough to write happy things here, especially as I need to revise more in a minute for exams and I’m exhausted having slept badly last night and got back late from work.

I will pull myself out of this hole in a day or two, but just let me be sad for a while before I do, you know what they say, what won’t kill you will only make you stronger. Though this may be the biggest data loss I’ve suffered, it will only help me become more tolerant. However let that be a lesson to everyone, ALWAYS back up everything even if you think something like the power going out will never happen, that one time can be devastating. I luckily save my important files on my computer every few minutes and also back it up at least once a day, so I lost nothing there, but I’d never think after playing my PS3 for 3 years that I’d lose my save data. Well, I’ve learnt a lesson here.

But anyways, as I’ve said many a time, I’m in the midst of exam preparation and work is ‘heating’ up so time to blog is diminished. That’s all I can really say for now as I don’t know how my blogging will continue apart from that I will blog 2 for the upcoming season and I don’t have any intention to back out of that.

Still though, just thinking that this time last year I was still looking for work makes me think I’ve come a long way. I feel I’ve grown as a person through work so I shouldn’t let something as small as a game save bother me and learn and move on.

Anyway! This isn’t about my personal problems, although that said this blog is pretty much me left so talking about myself is sorta talking about the blog… well whatever, again thank you to anyone who read this, you keep me going! If there are anyone who still read it that is… I know there’s at least one or two of you out there so you have my gratitude and let’s hope for another fun year!