Flight of the Victor

Key Events

Nice invites Moral to the bar for a chat. He figured out where Moral was with Honey’s future sight help. He also figured out that Moral can change his appearance and asks what he did with Art. Moral explains that his Minimum is Transformation and he knows that Nice knows what happened to Art. However he explains everything first before Nice decides to do what he’s going to do.

Moral extracts what he calls the ‘Essense’ from a Minimum Holder’s brain and then implants that to a normal person to give them a Minimum. He currently can create 24 non innate Minimum Holders from one Minimum Holder’s brain. And his goal is to make everyone Minimum Holders.

Whilst Nice doesn’t agree with everything, he does agree that it’s fine for people to want power, and it’s also fine for them to use their powers however they want as long as they take personal responsibility. Moral then starts to preach about saving Nice from his isolation. Nice laughs and retorts that no one should be deciding who’s strong and who isn’t.

Before Moral and Nice take it outside, Moral informs them of a sideshow still to come as a tank is moved towards the civic centre housing Itou Shouko who’s doing a speech there. Takahiro realises and moves there swiftly.

Having made preparations already Moral leaves the bar with a wire around Koneko’s neck, if Nice makes a move, she dies. Moral does state that he will face Nice, but he still needs one more thing before that.

Everyone now rushes towards the civic centre as Takahiro uses all his power to save his mum. Watching it Moral decides to ‘save’ that Takahiro as he’s lost his powers and blows his guts out. At the very end Hajime says she’s hungry, her wounds start to heal and her eyes turn red.


Oh wow, so that last part was what I meant by people ‘owing’ Moral although it’s more that he has control of them if he can threaten blowing them up. So if anyone was to come to him for power their life would be in his hands, that could be the power he was looking for rather than all the other stuff he was talking about. Pretty big deterrent to disobey someone if you ask me.

But that was dark, I didn’t see that coming. I didn’t think this show would get that dark. It was pretty ‘relaxed’ up to this point, to a certain limit and this blew that limit away and reached new levels of darkness, I like it. That had so much impact and I think it worked very well. I think whoever may have sided, even slightly, with Moral may want to change their opinions. Whatever the cause, killing is inexcusable, and that is the worst possible time to kill. To be honest, moral could’ve left the guy, with that head injury he might’ve died anyway, but perhaps this is Moral’s provocation to Nice saying ‘come get me’? If so, then all the more reason to look forward to the big fight, finally, I thought it’d come this episode but obviously not.

Another thing I’m looking forward to is Hajime’s minimum. I did say I was intrigued by it before and with how it’s looking it seems quite a ‘dark’ ability too. So all the more reason to hide it until now I suppose. Fight fire with fire so to speak. What could it be, seems kinda vampiric with all that blood involved. That’s my guess for what it’s worth. Or maybe not and her superhuman strength and regeneration is it.

Now as a person that prides herself on efficiency, I have to say Moral’s methods are a very efficient use of brains. But I’ve been wondering if those non innate holders are going to be less powerful than innate holders? Besides the fact that they’re obviously not as used to their powers, would their actual power levels, when they master their abilities, going to be that different? Just by looking at Murasaki, probably, seeing as he beat everyone single handedly.

Well Moral wants equality then. Give everyone abilities so no one is special anymore, that sorta thing.

Another thing I’m wondering about is Gasquet. I do believe he is still alive and just a double agent. Moral didn’t explain how his transformation works, because he obviously can’t change into anyone. I’ve explained my theories, so I would very much like to see how far off the mark I am, but maybe I’m dead on, I’d like to think my deduction abilities are quite good.

There were indeed so many moral points to comment on. But in the end it’s all opinion. However a neutral stance would be Nice’s, that no one can decide who is strong and who is weak, everyone have their own strengths and weaknesses and that alone should make everyone equal. A special ability doesn’t mean you’re better than someone, unless you’re competing in something very specific like physical strength, which can be measured to a certain extent. But when you’re talking in general, then it’s not something that can be decided by anyone.

If Nice had come a few seconds earlier he could’ve saved Takahiro, but perhaps letting him get hurt helps Itou ‘see’. Although that unfortunately caused Takahiro’s untimely death and much anguish. Moral needs to be taught a lesson, so I hope for a good episode to do so. If he can’t see the error in his ways, then a good beating is definitely called for.